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Digital Hollywood Fall, October 18-21, 2016 - Skirball Center, Los Angeles, Calif.

2017 DH Events at CES, January 4-6, 2017, Las Vegas Convention & World Trade Center

Media Summit, New York - March 2-3, 2016 • New York City, The Czech Center, 73rd St., between 1st and 2nd Ave.

Digital Hollywood Spring, Los Angeles May 3-6, 2016, Skirball Center, Los Angeles, Calif.

Speaker Information


Email your speaker submission requests to:

Victor Harwood -  Because we place many hundreds of speakers at each event, a phone pitch is not needed. Please do not call on the phone - unless it is about sponsorship or exhibits


Simply email with your choice of panel(s) - indicating name of event, name, day, time of session(s) along with a bio of suggested speaker. We will give it every consideration.


There are no deadlines for speaker submissions. We are always either in the process of booking an event or we are putting together wait lists for events.


Because we have as many as 500 speakers at a Digital Hollywood or Media Summit event, there are always cancellations, therefore, the wait-list is important to us.


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Digital Hollywood Fall, October 18-21, 2016, Los Angeles

Digital Hollywood Spring, May 3-6, 2016, Los Angeles

Digital Hollywood Events at CES 2016

Media Summit New York - March 2-3, 2016 - Media Summit New York, 2016



If you wish to submit a speaker, email us with your submission, including date, time and name of session, along with the bio of your proposed speaker. Please include a link to the company page so that we can review the activities of the submitting speaker. Please do not call, we will do our best to research and confirm your speaker. We will email confirmed speakers - please allow two or three weeks for the process to proceed.12


There are no deadlines for speaker submissions. We are always either in the process of booking an event or we are putting together wait lists for events.


If you are not already on our email list, Click Here and we will automatically email you the agendas for all DH events as they become available. If you wish to submit and idea or otherwise communicate with us concerning a speaker for an upcoming Digital Hollywood, please feel fee to email us at Submit your idea, your speaker including bio and backgrounder on your company.


If you wish to make a session suggestion or submit a speaker, please email ( a speaker bio, a backgrounder on your company and indicate the session topic/panel, day and time or new topic with 150 word description that you would like to be considered. If you are submitting for an event where the agenda has not been posted, please indicate in your email a session(s) from a past event which would be of interest to you.


Rules of Thumb:

• Deadlines - there are no deadlines. Speaker selection begins when the agenda is posted. You will be notified via email as your speaker is selected. Speaker evaluation continues year-round. Your speaker may be placed on a wait-list for a session that is full - so that submissions for completed sessions are encouraged - the process of introducing your speaker to us has to start somewhere

• All sessions will have five or six speakers and a moderator

• If you wish to make a speaker submission for a session that appears to be full, please submit and your speaker will be considered for the wait list.

• Even if you have submitted before - or even if you have spoken at a prior event, when you receive the agenda for a Digital Hollywood event, you must resubmit your speakers with session preference - bio is not necessary.

• Because we have over 400 speakers at a Digital Hollywood event, there are always cancellations, therefore, the wait-list is important to us.


Logos for your website - Speakers are welcome to download one of the following logos and link to the Digital Hollywood website: For a full page of additional logos


Speaker Kits E-Mailed Prior to the Conference: All speaker and moderators will receive, via email, a Speakers Kit about four weeks prior to the event. It will include helpful speaker hints, telephone numbers of all moderators and other information intended to help facilitate pre-event discussion among speakers. If you have a question about a particular session, the direction it will take, please discuss it with your moderator at that time or email us with your questions. Speaker badges will be good for attending the whole event and will be held for pick-up onsite at the event registration desk. For information on speaker presentations, A/V and more, scroll down this page.


All seminars at Digital Hollywood will be either 60 or 75 minutes in length. Each session will have at least five speakers in addition to a moderator. The general rule of thumb is ten minutes for each presentation with the time remaining left for questions from the floor.


For Session Content, please refer to the descriptions included on the session description pages on this website. There is a page for each session which includes names of speakers, their bios and a session description. Please keep your presentation targeted toward the topic description in the program and refrain from a lengthy company description and/or sales pitch.


Audio/Video presentations: It is expected that speakers will bring portable computers if they wish to make computer presentations. Those computer images will be projected onto a large screen through an LCD projector. Internet access will not be available. Please email us with any questions. Please note which panel you are on, including name of panel, time and date.



Session Moderators will have the task of providing a brief session overview, introduction of speakers, time management of the session as well as management of the Q&A. All speakers and moderators will be provided with speaker contact information, telephone numbers etc. to assist in communication, AV needs etc. prior to the event. Speaker information kits will be sent to all speakers one month prior to the event.


Speaker Proposals For Future Digital Hollywood Events

If you have never participated at a Digital Hollywood or otherwise wish to propose participation, please email us providing a 100 word description of your proposed new topic or identify an existing session on the scheduled agenda that you believe would be appropriate. Please also include biographical information on your proposed speaker as well as a backgrounder on your company.


Speaker Photos and Bios

Speakers should provide a photograph and bio for use in either promotional literature or on the website. Please provide the information via email. Photos should be 72 DPI and 350 Pixels wide gif or jpeg. Please indicate the name of the session along with the day and time for easy identification.


Email Us or Call - 212-352-9720