The Creative Process

Who Are You? Techie or Creative?  Director, Actor, Producer, Writer or Computer Geek.  Digital Hollywood is creating a program for you.  This is about disruption and innovation.  Film maker or Internet innovator.  Writer or Actor.  Producer or Financier.  Everyone is now part of the ongoing process of creative content innovation.  Join us here at Digital Hollywood.  We will put you in the middle of the industry disruption.

Make Content that Change Lives

The idea that Content is King has greater truth today than ever. Entertainment rules and the demand for original content is increasing for all platforms - from TV and cable to mobile devices and PCs.  Digital Hollywood is developing multi-leveled approach, from artists roundtables on making the greatest art of our time to tutorials on how to use the Tools of the Trade.  We will produce executive roundtables on advertising and content distribution as well as one-on-ones with the CEOs of major organizations.

Tutorials and Roundtables

Tools of the Mind: From directors and actors to CEOs, producers and executives, Digital Hollywood will develop a series of discussions, presentations and screenings that will address the creative process and decision making behind the creation and development of movies, TV and Internet.

The Genius of Tech: Digitally created movies are consistently among the highest grossing films produced in Hollywood.  The creators of this genre have, over and over, produced entertainment celebrated both on the critical plane as well as embraced by movie audiences worldwide.  Digital Hollywood will explore their universe, both from a cinematic perspective as well as from the technical world within which they work.

Indie Tech: One day soon, a techie genius is going to create an hit indie movie entirely at his/her desktop.  Somewhere between the reality of "Her" and "The Social Network" resides the cretive explosion in our lifestyle and culture.  Digital Hollywood will explore the creativity and tech behind film, video, games, music and internet technologies and how it opens the door to a world of magic.

The YouTube Phenomenon: An entire universe of programming now exists inside the world of YouTube with hundreds millions of daily viewers worldwide and millions of dollars in advertising revenue being generated.  Digital Hollywood will address, through roundtables and tutorials, the programming opportunities inside the exploding world of the YouTube ecosystem.

Tech Tools that Scale the Internet!

Tech tools are revolutionizing the entertainment industry.  Apps, social TV and video are exploding.  Video to the home is being sliced and diced, accelerated, monetized, syndicated, ad-inserted, pre-rolled and otherwise strategized and analyzed by beancounters 24/7.  There will be no rest for the weary and Digital Hollywood will, both live at our conferences as well as online in discussion and tutorials, address the disruption that the technology breeds.

Making Movies & Video

Making movies is a beautiful thing.  But sitting behind your own personal movie making Harley is really among one of the great things in life.  Inside that universe of tools and technology you can accomplish almost anything.  Digital Hollywood will be developing a series of discussions and tutorials with the most creative film makers in the country.  The future is here and Digital Hollywood hopes to play a role in bringing it to all our lives.


Making Music & the Social Space

There are no limits to the genius of musical artists.  They make our lives worth living.  And we are well aware that technology has revolutionized the world of music, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  Digital Hollywood will look at the magic in making music and the tools that help transform music making, live performance, the business of music as well as the distribution process.

Coming Soon to Digital Hollywood!

Tools of Creation is on the way . . .