ThinkTank II: Ballroom Terrace

The Power of YouTube: Unlocking the Power of Advertising and Programming

Cliff Baldridge, CEO and Founder, SBARTSTV Media Network

Adam Hammer, Lead Producer, Complex Media and Co-Founder, Hammer 360

Eugene Lee, co-founder and CEO, ChannelMeter

Mike Pusateri, Founder/CEO, Bent Pixels

Tracey McCormack, Founder & President, McCormack Media Services, Moderator

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ThinkTank III. Plaza Room

TV Everywhere: The Content & Commerce Opportunity - From Live Streaming & Video Syndication to Video Ad Insertion

Jeffrey Stansfield, President and CEO, Advantage Video Systems

David McIntosh, VP Business Affairs, Shout Factory

Martijn van Horssen, CEO, 24i Media

Malachi Bierstein, SVP Sales & Marketing, Saffron Digital

Susan Brazer, CEO, LionShare Media

Jonathan Tavss, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer, ZettaSquared, Moderator

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1:15 PM - 2:30 PM, Salon III

Crowdfunding Breakthrough: Access to Capital Meritocracy through Reg A+ -- How is Raising Money from Consumers, Including Non-Accredited Investors Changing the Funding Marketplace

John Strisower, CEO, GoChip (Has Received Reg A + SEC Approvals)

Melinda Moore, CMO, CrowdFunder

Connie Koch Harrell, Regional President. Southern California, Keiretsu Forum Southern California

Andrew Wong, founder, Coinvent

David Dobkin, president of investment banking, ASMX Capital

Mariana Danilovic, CEO, Hollywood Portfolio, Moderator

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1:15 PM - 2:15 PM, Marina Vista Room

The Language & Aesthetics of VR:  The Challenge of Creating Movies, Games & Other Experiential Programming

Celine Tricart, founder Lucid Dreams Productions and co-director, "Marriage Equality" VR film for Nokia and 3ality Technica

Jenny Carden (Zenka), Independent Artist and Futurist

Stephanie Riggs, CEO and Founder, Azimyth Creation Studios

Shane Pase, Chief Technology Officer, The Lotte Project

St. John Colon, Adjunct Professor, University of Southern California

Moderator - Anna Marie Piersimoni, Instructor, Department of Cinema and Television Arts, California State University, Northridge

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2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

ThinkTank II: Plaza Room

Advertising Innovation! Ad Targeting and Hypertargeting, Mobile, Social Networks and Video Ads

Michael Benedek, President and CEO, Datonics LLC

Eddy Widerker, Strategic Analyst, Team One

Daniel Loesch, Head of Monetization, Peel

Patrick Hopf, President & Co-Founder, SourceKnowledge

Javon Frazier, Marketing Executive, Instructor, UCLA EXTENSION

Dr. Natalie Petouhoff, Instructor, Social Media And Digital Marketing Business for Executives, UCLA Extension, Moderator

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2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Marina Vista Room

End-of-Day Keynote Roundtable

Future of VR Plus AR

Dr. David Levitt, co-founder and CEO, Pantomime Corporation

Aaron Koblin, Co-founder and CTO, Vrse

Adam Geoghegan, Managing Director and Founder, Immersia Virtual Reality

Sivan Iram, General Manager, River Studios

Tim Gedemer, Owner, Supervising Sound Designer, Supervising Sound Editor, Source Sound‬

David Traub, Co-Founder, Epiphany Film Fund, Moderator

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2:45 PM - 3:45 PM, Salon III

Crowdfunding in Practice:  An Update on Crowdfunding Campaigns and Strategies

Chris Haberi, The Grant Funding Expert

Arturo Perez, Founder & Product Design, Kluge

Tatjana Luethi, Creative UX, Brand & Design Strategist

Ronjini Joshua, President, The Silver Telegram

Jason Fishman, SVP, Digital Strategy, Digital Niche Agency

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New Tracks and Themes in Development

I. Virtual and Augmented Reality – From Sense of Presence to Full Embodiment

II. Immersive Entertainment – From Movie Theaters to Interactive Surfaces

III. Internet TV: The Disruption - OTT - Phones - Tablets - PC - TV

IV. The Artistic Creators – Directors – Technologists – Actors – Producers – Performers - Writers

V. The Women's Summit & Festival - Content - Discussion - Recognition

VI. Finance Hollywood - Investment - Funding - Packaging

VII. Hollywood Advertising - Brands - Agencies - Networks

VIII. Big Hollywood - Networks - Studios  - Technologies

IX. Social TV - Smart Mobile: Hollywood = Mobile - TV - PCs

Speaker Selection: To Submit a speaker, please email your speaker submission indicating panel(s) of interest along with bio of your speaker, backgrounder of your company

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Digital Hollywood Fall

Monday, October 19th - Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey, California

Thursday, October 22nd

Drill Down Day at Digital Hollywood

Five Tracks to Choose From

9:30 AM - 10:45 AM

ThinkTank II: Plaza Room

Managing Video Strategy: Distribution Channels, Advertising and Technology

Chris Osche, Vice President of Business Development, Multipop

David Murdico, Creative Director & Managing Partner, Supercool Creative Agency

Steve Callanan, CEO, WIREWAX

Jay Prasad, chief business officer, VideoAmp

Jason Bercovici, Senior Product Manager, Exponential

Jeffrey Stansfield, President and CEO, Advantage Video Systems

Travis Howe, Senior Vice President, Client Services & Operations, INVISION

Markus Almer, Director, VideoRx, Moderator

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ThinkTank III: Ballroom Terrace

Social Engagement - Tracking The Real-Time Social Graph - Content, Communication, Advertising

Mark Carlson, CEO, SimpleFeed, Inc.

Eron Zehavi, Chief Rewards Officer,

Ori Nakar, Chief Product Officer, Telescope

Malcolm Friedberg, Chief Marketing Officer/Head of Customer Acquisition, CleverTap

Rebecca Markarian, Senior Vice President of Social & Digital, Ayzenberg Group

Smita Saxena, founder and CEO, Stanza

Nancy King, Consultant, NewView Marketing, Moderator

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Special Workshop

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Salon III

Strategies in Start-up Business Development:  Developing Concepts, Lean Start-up Techniques and Positioning Your Company to Succeed!

Brian Mac Mahon, CEO, Expert DOJO Success Academy

Mike Weeks, Producer, Reality Star and NLP Expert

Ryan Foland, Blackstone Launchpad Accelerator

David Ochi, Blackstone Launchpad Accelerator

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10:15AM - 11:30 AM, Marina Vista Room

Morning Virtual Reality Keynote

Future of Music in VR and AR


11:05 AM - 12:20 PM

ThinkTank I: Admiralty Room

Strategies in Advertising: Programmatic Buying, Targeting, Analytics and Contextual Media

Hamish Brocklebank, CEO, PortentIO Ltd

Vincent Meyer, Vice President of Business Development, adMarketplace

Jonathan Stefansky, CEO and founder, Viewbix

Mark Goldman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ZypMedia

Ryan Pamplin, VP, Digital Evangelist, Extreme Reach

Elizabeth Cowley, SVP Global Partnerships, Viewster AG

James Ackerman, Executive Chairman, Broadway Systems

Sean Malatesta, CEO, Marengo Knoll, Inc., Moderator

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ThinkTank II - Plaza Room

Enabling YouTube Content: Monetizing and Enhancing Distribution & Consumer Engagement

Juan Bruce, CEO and Co-Founder, Epoxy

Joshua Lennox, Co-Founder of Bulldog Digital Media

Dan Pelson, CEO, Relentless Generator

Tamoor Shafi, CEO, Omnia Media

Sam Levine, Director, Brand Partnerships, Fuel

Donald A. Jasko, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Economics, Moderator

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ThinkTank III: Ballroom Terrace

Video Innovation! Social Video, Personalized Video, Real-Time Video - Communication and Commerce

Collin Lee, Vice President, Marketing, Influxis

Philip Nelson, SVP/CRO NewTek

Nathan McGowan, Senior Director, Product, The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard

Gavin Goodvach, Head of Content, Vexigo

Ari Evans, founder and CEO, Maestro

David Rogier, CEO & co-founder, Masterclass

Andrew Sachs, CEO of Weev

Bill Newell, President, North South Studios LLC, Moderator

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11:45 AM – 12:45 PM, Marina Vista Room

VR and AR – In Gaming and Beyond

Patrick Walker, Vice President of Insights & Analytics, EEDAR

Matthew Cook, Managing Partner and Director of Business Development, Greenlight Insights (GLI)

Burnes Hollyman, Founder, Board Member and Development Director, Ghost Machine Studios

Russell Naftal, Co-Managing Partner, Beast Media

Emmanuel Marquez, CTO, Starbreeze Studios

Jason Wonacott, CEO, Wonacott Communications LLC, Moderator

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Special Crowdfunding Session

Noon - 1:00 PM, Salon III

The Crowdfunding Update: A Roundtable of Experts

Jennifer Post, Partner, Raines Feldman LLP

Justin Giddings, The Crowdfunding Coach

Stephen Dypiangco, Vice President, Ovation Digital Arts

Brian Meece, Founder and CEO, RocketHub

Sam Blan, Founder and CEO, The Blak Box Group

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12:50 PM - 2:00 PM

ThinkTank I: Admiralty Room

Twitter, Facebook & Social Media - Transforming Marketing, Transforming the World

Peg Samuel, Adjunct Professor, NYU SPS and founder, Social Diva Media

Carmen Sutter, Product Manager, Adobe Social, Digital Marketing, Adobe

Danielle Shamos, VP, West Coast, Adaptly

Jenn Deering Davis, co-founder, Union Metrics

Johnny Miller, Founder, Manumatix

Newton Lee, Author of "Facebook Nation: Total Information Awareness", Moderator

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Photos - Fall 2015 - Click Here

Video - Advertising - OTT - Streaming -

Immersive Entertainment - Virtual & Augmented Reality

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Special Events at Digital Hollywood