Ticket Prices (Registration continues online - Prices are Per Person)

$135 - Self-Employed Production, Technology or Start-Up - no more than two in the company)

$300 - Small Companies - Technology or Entertainment  (Under 5 in the company) The difference between the Self-Employed Production and Small Company - Small Companies have small staff. Self-Employed are one or two people - no staff.  If you are a little company, you and your partner with a staff, you do not qualify for the $135 - you qualify for a higher rate.

$465 - Technology or Entertainment Company (Under 10 in the company) - More than 9 in your company - Click Here

$95 - Unemployed

$95 - Wednesday Evening Dinner (An Additional Cost not included in your Conference Ticket)

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Bohemian National Hall

The Czech Center & Consulate

73rd Street (Btw. 2nd and 1st Ave.)