Bohemian National Hall

The Czech Center & Consulate

73rd Street (Btw. 2nd and 1st Ave.)



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Group Registration - Discount in Groups of 3 or More - Click Here


Special Discount Registration  - Click Here - Prices Range from $95 - $465 - Unemployed, Self-Employed Production, Technology or Start-Up


Online Payment Form - Click Here - Fill in the form and electronically submit - For those who registered by end of day, Monday, February 26th, the discount fees apply and your badge was mailed on Tuesday, Februrary 27th. For those who register after Monday, February 26th, the onsite fees (see below) will be in effect and your badge will be held for you at the door for pick-up. For all non-US attendees, your badge will be held at the door for pick-up.


Questions or Problems - Call - 212-352-9720


Press Registration - Click Here - Press credentials are available to "Working Press Only." Please note that because a majority of the attendees to Media Summit are executives from various media-related, entertainment and financial companies, we must limit "press" to Trade and Consumer Working Press only. If you are registering onsite, please bring your credential with you to the onsite Registration Desk


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Conference Dates:

Wednesday, March 7th - All Day Sessions

Thursday, March 8th - Al l Day Sessions


Registration Fees -

$695 - All-Event Media Summit Registration

$495 - Academic - Government Discount Registration

$595 - Analyst Discount Registration

$95 - 465 Special Discount Registration - Self-Employed Start-ups and small companies - Click Here

$95 - Wednesday Evening Dinner (An Additional Cost not included in your Conference Ticket)


Registrations are Non-Transferrable.


Cancellation In the event of cancellation, registration fee will be refunded if written notice is received by February 15th, 2018 and is subject to a $50 processing fee. If notice is received after February 1st, fee will be applied toward a future standalone Media Summit or Digital Hollywood event. Program is Subject to Change.


Student Attendees: For Full-Time Students, Digital Hollywood offers a group discount - minimum group is 5 - The All-Event ticket is $50 per person. Please organize your group- Photo ID to be submitted with Registration forms - Create a form for each student - Name, Title, Organization, Payment via check or Credit Card - and send it to us at one time. Single Student registrations are not available - only in the group. Please call our office if you have questions. 212-352-9720