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The Virtual and Augmented Reality Experience

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The Digital Hollywood VR & AR Experience


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A Major Event at Digital Hollywood

Digital Hollywood Presents
Virtual & Augmented

Reality Summit

The Virtual and Augmented Experience of the Future

Your Host for the Evening Summit:
Seth Shapiro, Governor, Interactive Media,

The Television Academy

Tuesday, April 28th

Session Just Added:

Tuesday, April 28th

3:50 PM - 5:00 PM - Salon II

Hollywood Does Cutting Edge: VR-AR-Immersive - Film - Video - Advertising - Interactive Experiential
Aron Hjartarson, Executive Creative Director, Framestore

Andy Cochrane, ‎‎Interactive and New Media Director, Special Projects Lead, Mirada Studios, Mirada Studios

Mike Rubenstein, VP, Broadcast Production, Integrated Operations, Hill Holliday

Rich Flier, President, Advertising and Games, Digital Domain

Geoffrey Long, Technical Director & Research Fellow,  USC's Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, Moderator

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The VR & AR Evening Summit

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Marina Vista Ballroom

The Welcome

There have been false starts in the introduction of new technologies and there have been technologies that stay forever.  Welcome to the Evening Summit on Virtual Reality and you will be convinced that this time it's for real.  This time it's spectacular!  Virtual and Augmented Reality arrive in 2015 and will be at the core of the entertainment industry's future.

Two 50 Minute  Sessions:

Session I:

Virtual Reality - The Industry Visionaries and Innovators

Donnie Keller, Global Director, Xbox, Skype, & Holographic Media Solutions, Microsoft

Amir Rubin, founder & CEO, Sixense

Nathan Burba, co-founder & CEO, Survios

Nonny de la Peña, CEO Emblematic Group and Annenberg Fellow, USC School of Cinematic Arts

Neville Spiteri, CEO, WEVR

Moderator - Seth Shapiro, Governor, Interactive Media, The Television Academy

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Session II:

Hollywood & Virtual Reality: Opportunities at the Intersection of Content and Technology

Ted Schilowitz, Futurist and VR explorer at 20th Century FOX

Peter Levin, President Lionsgate Interactive Ventures & Games

Brad Herman, ‎Head of DreamLab, DreamWorks Animation

Morris May, founder/CTO, Specular Theory

Moderator - Robert Nashak, COO, Survios

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Day of VR Workshops

Wednesday, April 29th

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Track II: Salon I

History of VR & AR: What It Was, What It Is, What It Will Be

David Cole, co-founder, NextVR

Philip Lelyveld, VR/AR Program Manager, USC Entertainment Technology Center

Jacki Morie, Owner/CEO, All These Worlds, LLC

Michael Zyda, Director, USC GamePipe Laboratory

David Marlett, author, VR filmmaker, CINEMERSIA

Marty Perlmutter, Early VR/3D Technology Leader, Moderator

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11:30 AM – 12:30 PM

Track I: Poolside Tent II

Virtual Reality:  Opportunities and Strategies for Studios, TV, Platforms, Brands and Marketers

DJ Roller, Co-Founder, NextVR

James Iliff, CCO, Survois

Jeffrey Greller, Digital Agent, WME

Myles McGovern, President, IM360

Michael Yang, Managing Director, Comcast Ventures

Jonnie Ross, Co-Founder, Visionary VR & VRLA, Moderator

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1:00 PM - 2:00 PM, Salon I

Exploring the Market Opportunities in VR, AR and Immersive Technologies

John Feuerstein, Producer, Digital Play, Mattel

David A. Smith, Senior Fellow, Lockheed Martin MST

Chris Ullrich, Vice President, User Experience, Immersion Corporation

Joel Susal, Director, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Dolby Laboratories

Brian Selzer, Vice President, Business and Product, Development, DAQRI, Moderator

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Think Tank Session

1:00 PM - 1:45 PM, The Directors Room

From Script to Oculus: Active Projects and Real VR Production, Post-Production, and Delivery.  Workflow and Delivery for Oculus Rift, Samsung GearVR, Google Cardboard, and others.

Session Leader: Lucas Wilson, VR Producer

Alex Henning, Co-Founder, Magnopus & Academy Award Winner, Visual Effects (Hugo)

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2:30 PM - 3:30 PM, Poolside Tent II

Virtual and Augmented Reality: A Five Year Projection:  What Will Emerge?  An Investment in Time and Space

Randal Kleiser, Noted Hollywood Director and VR consultant to the U.S. Army

Ed Lantz, CEO, Vortex Immersive Media

Don Brittain, President and CEO, Instant Effects and principal architect for Autodesk’s 3DSMax

Brian Seth Hurst, CEO The Opportunity Management Company, Inc., Managing Partner, StoryTech™

Matt Liszt, VP of Marketing at MasterImage 3D, Inc., member, Board of Directors, International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society

Amir Rubin, CEO Sixense, Inc

Bruce Greenberg, Founder, iCinema Ventures, Moderator

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4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, Salon I

VR in the Out-of-Home Entertainment Sector

Kevin Williams, Consultant and writer, KWP, Moderator (former Imagineer)

David A. Smith, CEO and Founder, Wearality Corporation

Nancy Bennett, Chief Content Officer for Two Bit Circus

Andrew Prell, Founder and CEO, Agora Technologies Inc.

Kevin Bachus, Senior Vice President of Entertainment and Game Strategy, Xbox co-creator

Manuel Gutierrez Novelo, CEO, ImmersiON-VRelia

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5:00 - 6:00 PM - Open to all attendees

Poolside Reception at the Ritz Carlton


6:15 PM - 8:00 PM

Virtual & Augmented Reality Evening Summit: Part II

Mobile VR: Gateway to Mass Market

Steve Ahlberg, Vice President of Revenue Solutions and Product Management, Gannett Digital

Valerie Carlson, Executive Creative Director, Sapient Nitro, Los Angeles

Aaron Luber, Head of Partnerships, Google Cardboard

Ben Tricklebank, Interactive Director, Tool

Andy Cochrane, ‎‎Interactive and New Media Director, Special Projects Lead, Mirada Studios, Mirada Studios

Andrew Trickett, Co­Founder, Merge VR

Marty Perlmutter, technologist, Patent Holder, Early VR/3D Technology Leader, Moderator

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Thursday, April 30th

9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Morning Virtual Reality Keynote

Future of Music in VR and AR

Bob Ezrin, Legendary Producer. Alice Cooper, Kiss and Pink Floyd

Brett Leonard, Producer/Directer/Writer/Futurist. Tough Trick Transmedia

Myles McGovern, President, IM360

Tim Gedemer, owner, Source Sound

Matthew Collado, Co-Founder/Head of Content, Littlstar

Craig Dalton, cofounder and CEO, DODOcase

David Traub, Co-Founder, Epiphany Film Fund, Moderator

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Special Production in VR and AR

Organized by David Marlett, author, VR filmmaker, CINEMERSIA

11:00 AM – Noon

VR Cinema Workshop:  Writing and Directing

Joyce Slate, Artist, Director of Operations, CINEMERSIA, Moderator

Chanel Summers, Co-Founder, Syndicate 17 and Professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts, Interactive Media & Games Division

David Marlett, author, VR filmmaker, CINEMERSIA

Rodrigo Cerqueira, VR director, CEO, panoGrama (Brazil)

Kara Fry, actress, VR Film: MansLaughter

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12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

VR Cinema Workshop: Post-production and Distribution

Chadwick Turner, VP Content Partnerships, Vrideo

Aaron Thomen, Lead Engineer, Two Bit Circus VR

Tony Mugavero, Co-Founder/CEO, Littlstar

John Starr Dewar, Co-Founder, Studio Transcendent

Cameron Ayres, Director of VR Tech, CINEMERSIA, Moderator

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1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

VR and AR – In Gaming and Beyond

Dr. Yue Fei, CTO, uSens

Danilo Moura, Executive Director Product Development & Operations, LOOT Entertainment

Rich Flier, President Advertising and Games, Digital Domain

Clifton Dawson, CEO, Greenlight VR

John Canning, VP Interactive Experiences, NBC

Jason Wonacott / CEO, Wonacott Communications LLC, Moderator

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