Thursday, May 18
1:00 PM - 2:15 PM
Session A:

Building Compelling 3D Communities and E-commerce Venues on the Net
All content and entertainment websites and online communities are searching and exploring new ideas in e-commerce and interactive capabilities for their website’s design and functionality. For a number of years, there has been an exploration of the online possibilities in utilizing compelling 3D multi-user worlds where users can "jump" into and navigate as 3D avatars as well as socialize and communicate with each other, with the goal being the conduct business, purchasing of products or just exploring ideas. These virtual worlds are becoming more easy to create and maintain, and in this session we explore the state of this technology as a solution for building advanced online communities, e-commerce venues, and online collaboration applications. .
Thom Kidrin, President,
Franco Castaldini,
Blaxxun Interactive & Cybertown
Sharleen Sy,
founder & VP, Marketing, CYBERWORLD International
Jodell Seagrave,
Rick Noll,
CEO, ActiveWorlds
Hapet Berberian, SVP and General Manager, RemoteReality
Gregory Peter Panos,
Co-Chair, SIGGRAPH-Los Angeles, Moderator

Larry Samuels,
President and Chief Executive Officer, Larry brings a long track record of proven executive leadership to and has participated in several successful IPOs. Before joining, he was a Principal of Samuels and Associates, a multimedia-consulting firm that had clients such as Virtual i/O, Jazz Multimedia, ICOM Simulations, Digital F/X and Creative Labs. He was also Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Creative Labs, a manufacturer of sound cards, CD-ROM subsystems and other multimedia peripherals. At Creative Labs, Larry co-led the successful Creative Technologies IPO in 1992. Larry’s other executive positions include Managing Director of Truevision (the leading manufacturer of high-end videographic peripheral products) and Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Mass Microsystems (a manufacturer of Macintosh-based videographic cards and storage subsystems). A founding member of the Multimedia PC (MPC) Marketing Council, he is a frequent speaker at industry events such as COMDEX and Digital Hollywood.

Sharleen Sy, Founder & VP, Marketing, CYBERWORLD International; Currently a founder and Vice President of Marketing at CYBERWORLD International Corporation, Sharleen has spent the last 11 years in helping to build successful start-up software companies in Canada. Beginning with Delrina Corporation in 1987 as the 6th member of the small start-up, Sharleen specialized in Product Marketing Management for Delrina's high profile products including Per:Form, Per:Form PRO (later becoming FormFlow), and successfully bring the WinFax products to market including WinFax, WinFax PRO and DosFax. Delrina eventually grew to over 770 people, and was sold to Symantec Corporation. As founder and President of MouseTrap Computing, one of the earliest multimedia and web site development companies in Toronto, Sharleen's projects included Multimedia Demo Disk creation for Delrina/Symantec as well as web site creation/development management for the Microsoft MSN Canada Guidebook, Delrina/Symantec Site, Canadian-Living's web site, and Sequel Technology's web site. In the winter of 1995, Sharleen joined the "Founder's Club" at MGI Software Corporation, managing and bringing to market the successful product lines for PC Photography (PhotoSuite, PC Photo Starter Kit, Sports Cards, Wedding Kit, etc.) and consumer 3D. She left MGI to pursue her area of interest: professional 3D graphics software. At Alias|Wavefront, the world leader in high-end 3D animation and modeling software, Sharleen held a Senior Product Management position overseeing and launching Maya Artisan, Maya Core, Power Animator, Media Studio, and StudioPaint 3D. Recently returning to the software entrepreneurial arena, Sharleen has joined her colleagues - founders of SHL Systemhouse, OpenText, GMN, Antares Electronics and R&D from Alias|Wavefront to form CYBERWORLD International Corporation. CYBERWORLD develops a breakthrough software technology for building and viewing multi-dimensional, media-rich web realities. Sharleen holds an Industrial/Systems Engineering Degree from the University of Toronto.

Gregory Peter Panos is Founding Co-Director of the Performance Animation Society where he leads this emerging field toward the future of virtual actors, digitized performance and human simulation in cyberspace. A leading futurist, writer, consultant and educator specializing in the fields of "Virtual Reality" (VR), Human Simulation, 3D Real-Time Computer Graphics, "Performance Animation", innovative WEB site development and emerging new media technology, Greg's keen vison of the future often tells us what is coming and why it's going to be hot way before is happens.

Hapet Berberian,
SVP and General Manager, RemoteReality: Hapet A. Berberian has 30 years of experience in product and business development with digital imaging products, internet publishing, and electronic photography. Mr. Berberian joined RemoteReality from IQ Data Systems, a division of GammaGraphx, Inc. where he was Vice President and General Manager. Prior to IQ Data, he was Senior Director of Business Development and Technology Licensing for Eastman Kodak's color digital imaging technologies. Mr. Berberian also held the position of Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Boston University and began his career as a staff engineer at MIT's Draper Laboratories. Mr. Berberian earned his MSEE from Brown University in 1969 and his BSEE from University of Rhode Island in 1967.