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The High School Music Company Project:

The Industry – Compton High School Outreach Partnership to Make Dreams Happen!

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The High School Music Company

The Goal: The Industry can do more than Give Back.  It can jumpstart the lives of high school age students with a gift for music and the desire to get started in life's career path.  The Industy can help.  The Industry can encourage and excite them and give them a headstart.  The goal of The High School MusicCompany is, through learning tools, tutorials and discussion - online and in person - educate, inspire, open doors and welcome a new generation of talent into the industry.


The Strategy: The High School Music Company will bring the expertise of Music Industry executives and artists as a mentoring-support system to high school students in setting up an actual “Record Company” with Artist Development, Recording Studio, Marketing and Promotion and Performance of Music.

This project is intended to unleash the tremendous talent and energy of high school students and give it a head-start through the genius, knowledge, strategy and guidance of top executives and artists in the Music Industry.

The immediate goal is to bring focus, education, excitement and joy to students, both unleashing their energy and talent, bringing media focus on them as individuals as well as to their communities.

Because of the technology - most of what needs to be done can be accomplished through computer and online technology - from the recording of music to “learning and tutorial” communication - through live meetings, one-on-ones, lectures and webinars - on the MusicCo website - giving executives and artists - wherever they are located, from New York to Chicago to LA to Nashville a direct line to the students.

An international project. In the end, the High School-Music Company can be an “International Project.”  Because we live in a Global Village - the music industry is global as is communication - joining with sister schools in London, Moscow, Rio or Johannesburg is as easy as joining a school district in LA.

The Key to High School-MusicCompany is to actually Get Something Done.  Not just give advice to kids, but to actually give them a Head-Start in letting their dreams come come true.  Starting Now we open our doors to every executive and artist affiliated with major and indie record labels, every tech company and to school systems nationwide.  Let's Get Started!

The Creative Musical Experience for Students

1. The Artistic Experience: Performance and Songwriting

2. Live Performance - Producing Shows

3. The World of EDM - Music and Lifestyle

3. Developing Sponsorships and Partnerships

4. Music as a Global Community - Communicating a Vision and a Voice with the World

5. The Legal Issues and the Music Business

The Board of Advisors

High School Music Company will have a number of Boards and Strategic Committees.  We look forward to working with leaders in Education, Entertainment and Technology.  We expect that the process of organizing and implementing the High School MusicCompany will be as rewarding and enlightening for Board and Committee members as it will be rewarding for the community of students we serve.

High School Music Company, Board of Advisors, to date

Ernie Singleton, former, President, MCA/Universal

Russ Regan, former Head of Motown, 20th Century and Polygram Record Companies

Richard Foos, founder, Rhino Records, Warner Music Group, CEO, Shout! Factory

John Rubey, CEO, Fathom Events

James Fauntleroy, Grammy Winning, Recording Artist, Song Writer and Producer

Kelly G. Griffin, Senior Director of Programming for Black Entertainment Television

Steven Antebi, Chairman, President & Founder, Maple Capital Management

Alisa Olander, Vice President, Strategic Insights & Research, Universal Music Group

Allee Willis, Grammy Award Winning, and Emmy and Tony Nominated Songwriter

Michael Drexler, Executive Director, Business Development

Digital Licensing & Strategic Development, BMI

Robert (Leo) Rodgers, MBA, Sr. VP & Label Liaison, Bungalo Records, Universal Music Group

Maestro Kim Allen Kluge, Composer & Conductor, Music Director, Alexandria Symphony Orchestra, Advisor - Hollywood Film Festival

Jackie Rhinehart, former, SVP Marketing, Motown Records

Vince Bannon, VP Strategic Partnerships and Evangelist, Getty Images

Doug McVehil, Head of Content & Programming, Vevo

Jonathan Taplin, Director, USC Annenberg Innovation Lab

Dick Wingate, President/founder, BHi Music Group, former Sr. Exec., Columbia, PolyGram, Arista and Epic

Larry Ryckman, founder, QSound and CEO, Aftermaster / Studio One Media

Steven Antebi, President & CEO, Maple Capital, Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame

Jon Katzman, Executive Director – Semester in L.A, Columbia College Chicago

Derek Power, Chairman, Kahn Power Pictures/The Derek Power Co.

Ayiko Broyard, VP/Group Account Director, Walton Isaacson

Janet Yang, renown Producer, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL, Disney

Jodie Blum, Executive Director, GRAMMY U

Fred Goldring, Co-Founder and Chairman, Aficionado Media

Madeline Di Nonno, CEO, Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

John Sly Wilson, Sly Slick & Wicked, R&B Hall of Fame, Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame

James Brown, Senior Vice President, Revolt TV, World Of Alfa

Christopher Darden, Defense Attorney, Former OJ Simpson Prosecutor

Newton Lee, CEO, Institute for Education, Research, and Scholarships; adjunct professor of media technology, Woodbury University

Wally Roker, doo wop legend THE HEARTBEATS, Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame

Karla Ballard, SVP, TAG division, Participant Media

Ret. Brigadier General Arnoldfor, ROTC, US. Army,

Ryan Whetsonte, Director of Curriculum Compton Unified School District

John Nave, President, At The Helm Productions

Scott Page, Technologist and Musician, former Saxophonist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp, currently founder/CEO Ignited Network Corp

Golnar Khosrowshahi, President, Reservoir Media Management

Seth Schachner, Managing Director, Strat Americas

Sharon Graves, Vice President, Phorus, a subsidiary of DTS

Kelli Richards, President & CEO, The All Access Group, LLC

Jay King, Grammy Winner, Producer, Manager & Musical Legend

Arthur Mitchell, President, Urban Network

Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic llc,

Kimberly King-Burns, convergenz/solutions, Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame, former Exec., PolyGram Records

Brooke Wentz, founder, The Rights Workshop

Jay Tucker, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Programs, Institute for Communication Technology Management, USC School Of Business

Juliana Bolden, Editor, Digital Content - Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Emmy® Awards)

Patricia Shields, Partner, Black Dot LLC

Raymond A Shields II, founder & Managing Partner, Black Dot LLC

Morgan Margolis, President and CEO, Knitting Factory Entertainment

David Reitman, Managing Director, David Reitman Consulting, Inc.

Art Chang, Founder and CEO, Tipping Point Partners

Thomas Rigler, Founder. Rigler Creative

Jaymes Hines, founder, Startup Edtech

Michelle Edgar, founder, Music Unites

D Steven, Award winning Key Art Photographer, Alumni Of Compton High School

Terrence Coles, Head of Ad Products, Victorious, Dakar Board Member

Kevin Clark, Executive DirectorProducer For Love Of Liberty

Victor Harwood, President, Digital Hollywood


The Co-Sponsors

High School Music Company will have a number of Sponsor Partners.  It is a large project with a tremendous vision.  To that end, we look forward to working with Educational Institutions, Trade Associations, Government Agencies, Leading Technology and Entertainment Organizations, Global Brands and Visionary Leaders


The High School Music Company

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Recording Techniques and the Technology of Recording: The Basics of a Recording Studio: The HS-MusicCo will establish a program - online and in-person to teach and train students in the tools and techniques of a recording studio.  The goal is simple - to prepare students to to record, mix, engineer, produce, and create music and sound for the music industry

Music Business: Understanding the Music Industry: The Board Members and industry volunteers for The HS-MusicCo are all industry Veterans.  Their deep knowledge and contacts will set the stage for creating a program in the "Music Business."  We will build from the bottom up, exploring all avenues of the Industry:  artist, performer and writer, artist development, website and app developer, music marketer,  artist manager, concert promoter, music publisher, booking agent, music distributor, tour manager, instrument distributor or copyright administrator.  From Artist to administrator.  From recording engineer to roadie and tour manager.  The HS-MusicCo will explore ideas, set goals and personal targets and do it's best to set the stage for a professional career in music.

The Technology: Streaming, Social Media, Websites: The music industry is one the front lines of technology innovation and the entire music industry, from musician to recording technician to consumer has embraced it wholeheartedly.  It's how we listen, it's how we think.  Therefore, understanding technology, learning, experiencing and studying technology and searching for breakthroughs will be number #1 on our list.


A very special thanks to Compton High School graduate and Bahati Foundation
founder and Internationally renowned pro-cyclist Rahsaan Bahati who has partnered with The Guitar Center to donate musical instruments to Compton High Students as part of Digital Hollywood's High School Music Company Project. This donation gift, valued at over $7,000, was presented at the Dinner by Rashid Bahati, Executive Director, Bahati Foundation and Innovation Evangelist, Jaymes Hines. Congratulations to the Compton Students and our most sincere thanks to the Bahati Foundation and The Guitar Center.