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Tuesday, October 18th - Friday, October 21st

The Skirball Center, 2701 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90049

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Music 2020 - Creating the Future of Music Together

UCLA Center for Music Innovation Herb Alpert School of Music


The Vision: Music 2020 is hosted by Dr. Gigi Johnson, Executive Director at the UCLA Center for Music Innovation at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music.  How can we get 20/20 vision about alternate futures in music?  How can we create positive change for the Year 2020 and beyond? This day-long series of sessions will dig deep in forward trends and future scenarios. We will wrestle with how new tech, time, place, data, connectivity, rights politics, live events, global trends, and oligopolies may change the way we create, collaborate, share, and live off of music revenue streams — and how we can cooperate to shape possible futures together.

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Speaker Selection: To submit a speaker, please email Gigi Johnson at UCLA your speaker submission indicating Day, Time and Panel(s) of interest along with bio of your speaker, backgrounder of your company/organization and appropriate links with further information.

Thursday, October 20th, The Skirball Center

9:00 to 9:15 AM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

Opening Remarks:

Dr. Gigi Johnson, UCLA Center for Music Innovation

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9:15 to 10:15 AM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

The State of US Music --The Vast Transformation of 2015-16

How did we get here and what are the big drivers moving us forward today?  We will hear perspectives on big change -- and ideas to get the conversation rolling about what are the big frictions, pressures, and numbers behind all of the debates and conversations.  We also will discuss Big vs. Small companies in this transformation and the growing shift of who has Power in the future.

David Bakula, Sr. VP of Analytics and Client Relations, Nielsen Entertainment

Bobby Owsinksi, Bobby Owskinski Media Group

Vickie Nauman, President, CrossBorderWorks

Sam Kling, SVP, Creative Operations, SESAC

Daryl Friedman, Chief Industry, Government, & Member Relations Officer, The Recording Academy

Moderator: Gigi Johnson, Executive Director, UCLA Center for Music Innovation

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10:20 - 11:05 AM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

Infrastructure: Building New Pipes, New Rights, and New Micropayment Systems

Many companies and innovators are working hard to redo the plumbing in a streaming-driven world.  This panel will discuss not only the current efforts and politics, but also where the pressures and frictions are building up that may create new avenues for growth and challenges for artists -- and where the money might be made in transforming more than the consumer-facing sides of the music industry.

Les Borsai, Co-Founder and President, SongLily

Jeff King, COO, SOCAN

Jesse Feister, Director, Client Technology Solutions, Kobalt Music

Michael Shanley, VP, IT Business Development, Music Reports

Moderator: Dae Bogan, President, TuneRegistry

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11:10 AM - 12:00 Noon, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

New Creation and Location Technologies

Technologies and live performance are changing the ways we can create as well as engage in performance.  We’ll discuss VR in live entertainment, ways that your smartphone may be listening to your environment, and live as the driving force of community and experience in music.  We also will explore changing collaborative technologies, what it means to create within expanded technology spheres, and how we are going way beyond multimedia as opportunities to create the next generations of music experiences.

Juan Santillan, President, Vantage TV

Chris Ostoich, Co-Founder, LISNR

Refik Anadol, Director at Refik Anadol Studio, Lecturer at UCLA

Bastiaan den Braber, President / COO, SAMO

Moderator: Mike D’Errico, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Media Studies, Pitzer College; Musician; Designer

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Noon - 12:45 PM - Lunch


12:45 - 1:15 PM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

Brands, Bands, and Competing for the Attention Economy

Both musicians and marketers are vying for the attention of an increasingly distracted audience. Our stream-based, attention-driven, music economy is building audiences and behavior data.  How will this music-on-the-go and music-everywhere environment continue to develop in conjunction with brands in this cluttered world?  This panel will share the frictions and problems of both sides of the brand/band coin and look toward future trends in how we might build relationships and experiences around the two communities.

Perry Symonds, Director of Strategy, Platinum Rye

Helge Steffen, Chief Technology Officer, Songtradr

Moderator, Dr. Bob Fink, Faculty Director, UCLA Music Industry Minor, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music

Additional speakers to be announced

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1:20 - 2:10 PM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

Changing Nature of Where:  Global Trends, Music Cities, Festivals, Clubs, and Where We Share

Can artists and communities thrive in live performance, locally and globally?  That often is the lure of streaming and global music -- that it will be the loss leader and how artists make most of their money.  The story is much more complex and intriguing than that.  Our guests will share the ongoing dynamics of “local” and “performance,” as well as the global trends of music that are being both influenced by technology and digital, and pushing/pulling the art forms of music to new combinations.

Michael McCarty, Chief Membership & Business Development Officer, SOCAN

Dennis Murcia, Codiscos/Tropisounds, Record Label Music

Tom Windish, President, The Windish Agency

Carlos Chirinos, Assistant Professor of Music Business, NYU Steinhardt; Director, NYU Music and Social Change Lab

Additional Speakers to be announced

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2:15 PM - 3:30 PM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

Live Stream of Music Festivals and Concerts: Brands, Bands and New Technologies

Allen Sanford, CEO and Co-Founder, LiveList

Juan Santillan, CEO Vantage TV

Raymond Roker, HEAD OF CONTENT STRATEGY/EP/DIR, Goldenvoice

Brian Anderson, Global Programs Manager Music and Entertainment, YouTube

Blake Morrison, Co-Founder and Executive Producer - Ripplebox

John J. Petrocelli, CEO, Bulldog Digital Media, Moderator

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The Skirball Center

Los Angeles, California

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Tracks and Themes in Development

I. Virtual and Augmented Reality - From Sense of Presence to Full Embodiment

II. Internet TV: The Disruption - OTT - Phones - Tablets - PC - TV

III. The University Project: AR-VR-Internet & Entertainment - Accelerating the Educational Process

IV. The Artistic Creators - Directors – Technologists – Actors – Producers – Performers - Writers

V. Finance Hollywood - Investment - Funding - Packaging

VI. The Women's Summit - Content and Technology

VII. Hollywood Advertising - Brands - Agencies - Networks - Platforms

VIII. Social TV - Smart Mobile: Hollywood = Tablets - Phones - TV - PCs

IX. The High School Music Company Project

Speaker Selection: To Submit a speaker, please email your speaker submission indicating panel(s) of interest along with bio of your speaker, backgrounder of your company

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3:30 to 4:15 PM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

The Long View: Mega-Cities, Longer Lives, and Transforming Careers

The worlds around us are changing, including the nature of our demographics, cities, and what it means to have a career.  Join our panel of diverse thought leaders on how cities are transforming, how who “we” are is changing, and how that may affect how we create, share, and dream of music and careers in the future.

Catherine Tang, Senior Urban Designer, AECOM

Branka Olson, Principal, Sindik Olson Associates

Dr. Patricia Riley, Director, USC Annenberg Scenario Lab

David MacFayden, Professor, UCLA

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4:15 to 5:00 PM, Guerin C, in Herscher Hall

Music 2020 -- Pulling It All Together -- Levers for Changing the Future Together

Let’s pull this all together.  Three strong voices of music and change will recap and expand on our diverse threads of thought from the day.  How might we create and make changes that move music to a more positive, proactive footing for 2020 and beyond?

Albhy Galuten, VP of Media Technology Strategy, Sony Network Entertainment

Ted Cohen, Managing Partner, TAG Strategic

Moderator: Gigi Johnson, UCLA Center for Music Innovation

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5:00 - 6:15 PM Open to all attendees

End-of-Day Reception – Taper Courtyard

Outdoor Area In Front of Haas Conference Center

Special Event at Digital Hollywood

The Skirball Center, Los Angeles, California, Thursday, October 20, 2016


Host: UCLA Center for Music Innovation Herb Alpert School of Music

Creating the Future of Music Together