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Digital Hollywood Spring, May 22-24, 2018

Skirball Center, 2701 N Sepulveda Blvd, Los Angeles

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Thursday, May 24th

Micro-Influencer/Branding One-Day Intensive

11:00 – 11:45 AM, Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Webcast Live

Your Brand as an Influencer Strategy:  Voice – Strategy - Content

• Defining your voice and content buckets

• Strategy and engagement

• Sponsored, organic, and segmented post and grid planning

• Authenticity & brand safety

Angie Hilem, Social Strategist

Derryck Gleaton, DSharp Channel on Youtube

Peggy Glenn, Granny Pottymouth Channel on Youtube

Mike Prasad, CEO, Tinysponsor, Moderator


Noon – 12:45 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Webcast Live

Post-Adpocalypse: How to Make Money and Work with Brands

• Who to work with and who not to

• Pricing and deal structure

• How should it work?

• Brand Alignment

• Expectations

Brad Senesac

Cat Mendez, Social Media & Influencer Marketing Strategist

Jesse Engle, CEO, Tap.Bio

Joe Saladino, Joey Salads on Youtube

Zack James, Founder & CEO of Animeme Studios

Mike Prasad, CEO, Tinysponsor, Moderator


1:00 – 1:45 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Webcast Live

An Instagram Deep Dive

• How to leverage your brand as an influencer to thrive.

• An in-depth look into crafting your Instagram profile, goals, strategy, and content themes.

• The latest on the algorithm and feature changes.

• How to manage your audience and build a strong community

Brad Wayne, @bradskiibeats

Brian Rodda, Owner, Brian Rodda Consulting

Hector Fonseca, @djhectorfonseca

Sara Mills, Head of Creator Relations, Tinysponsor, @saraontheinternet

Ron W. Roecker, Moderator


2:00 – 2:45 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Webcast Live

Next Stage in Micro-Video and Live Streaming

A look at the new and emerging formats, trends, apps, and content.

Joe Saladino, Joey Salads on Youtube

Mike Wann, CEO, Mobcrush

Tristan Snell, CEO, Snakt

Michael J Lambie, Head of Product, CreatorIQ, Moderator


3:00 – 3:45 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Webcast Live

Risque to Relevant - Authenticity and Marketability

Understanding your authenticity, audience, and marketability, plus how to re-invent and shift your engagement.

Haze, @hazeytaughtme

Meghan Tonjes, @meghantonjes

Tanya Bershadsky, Founder, Casting Influence

Zack James, Founder & CEO of Animeme Studios

Sara Mills, Head of Creator Relations, Tinysponsor, @saraontheinternet


4:00 – 4:45 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Webcast Live

Influencer Ambition – Being a Unique Voice and Market Leader

• From Good vs Great Content

• How to take your content to the next level.

• Positioning and differentiating yourself.

• Is digital content the stepping stone or the destination?

Jessica Gottlieb, Co-Founder, @WeAreMidlife

Tay Zonday, Actor, Voice Talent, Digital Media Expert

Marsha Collier, Marketing Futurist & Radio Host, President, The Collier Company, Moderator










Micro-Influencer Board of Advisors

Alex Negrete; Instagram (alexnegrete); 57K reach

Amber J Lawson; Twitter (AmberJLawson, GoodAmplified); 89K reach

Anais Ganouna; Instagram (anaisganouna); 10K reach

Angie Hilem; Instagram (angiehilem); 12K reach

Ashlee Belzo; Instagram (ashleebelzo); 22K reach

ashleigh reddy; Instagram (stayreddy); 26K reach

Ben  de Ayora; Instagram, Twitter (DoLA); 28K reach

Bradley Laborman; Instagram, Youtube, Twitter (bradmantv); 28K reach

Bradley Wayne; Instagram (bradskiibeats); 38K reach

Brian Rodda; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, (thebrianrodda); 10K reach

Caitlyn Rose; Instagram (creationdespite); 44K reach

Calvin Lee; Twitter, Instagram (mayhemstudios); 106K reach

Carol Roth; Twitter (caroljsroth); 59K reach

Celine Wallace; Instagram (celine_wallace); 10K reach

Chantel Brayley; Instagram (xo_chants_); 10K reach

Del Mak; Instagram (delmak); 10K reach

Edward Zo; Instagram, Youtube (edwardzo); 795K reach

Eric Wallace; Instagram, Twitter (ewall25); 10K reach

Espree Devora; Twitter, Instagram (espreedevora, wearelatech, womenintechshow); 195K reach

Felicity Heath; Instagram (felicityjayn); 36K reach

Ginger Michele; Instagram (gingermichele); 10K reach

Granny PottyMouth; Youtube, Facebook (Granny PottyMouth); 653K reach

Hailey Bright; Instagram, Youtube (haileybright); 107K reach

Heather Hahn; Instagram, Twitter (heatherhahnn); 76K reach

Irina Liakh; Instagram (irinaliakh); 116K reach

Jessica Gottlieb; Instagram (wearemidlife); 29K reach

Jon Condit; Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram (dreadcentral, boxofdread); 412K reach

Justin DoCanto; Instagram (justindocanto); 10K reach

Karmel Humphrey; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (4karmel); 10K reach

Kasia Szarek ; Instagram (kasia); 40K reach

Kevin Winston ; Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (digitalla); 50K reach

Kimberley Edwards; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube (kittybrucknell); 166K reach

Kristie Hang; Instagram (kristiehang); 13K reach

Laura Barrett; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (thelaurabarrett); 110K reach

Lauren Kenner; Instagram (lauren__k); 30K reach

Leah  Segedie ; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube (bookieboo, mamavation); 330K reach

Lindsay Hoffman; Instagram (lindsaybhoffman); 22K reach

Marsha Collier; Twitter (marshacollier); 231K reach

Meghan Tonjes; Instagram, Youtube (meghantonjes); 320K reach

Mickey Hightower; Instagram, Pinterest (thebohosocialite); 72K reach

Mika Newton; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (mikanewton); 471K reach

Patrick Clark; Instagram (pbclarkphoto); 10K reach

Rachel Brinck; Instagram, Facebook (therachelraquel); 375K reach

Rachel Faulkner; Instagram (rachel_fbabyy); 97K reach

Raquel  Rojas ; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook (rachirojas); 951K reach

Rod Kim; Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,, Twitch (RKVC); 10K reach

Sara Mills; Instagram, Youtube, Twitter (saraontheinternet); 1.2M reach

Sarah Gim; Instagram (thedelicious); 185K reach

Scott Niswander; Youtube (NerdSyncProductions); 425K reach

Stefanie Pollard; Instagram (wearemidlife); 29K reach

Tay Zonday; Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch, Facebook (TayZonday); 1.8M reach

Tim Neff; Instagram (therealtimneff); 25K reach

Vince Cirino; Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter,, Twitch (RKVC); 10K reach

Vinnie Potestivo; Instagram, Twitter (yoitsvinnie, oncameracasting); 34K reach

Zack James; Youtube (Yo Mama); 3.4M reach


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Tracks and Themes

I. The Influencer Awards - Voices and Vision of an Industry

II. Immersive Influencers - Awards Categories

III. Influencer & Brand Marketing Speaking Track

IV. Immersive Hollywood - VR-AR-MR-XR

V. Internet TV: The Disruption - OTT: Phones - Tablets - PC - TV

VI. The Artistic Creators: Directors – Technologists – Actors – Producers – Performers - Writers

VII. The Micro-Influencers - The One Day Intensive

VIII. Finance Hollywood: Investment - Funding - Packaging - Blockchain & Crypto

IX. The Women's Summit & Workshops - Content - Discussion - Recognition

X. The Mobile Lifestyle: Tablets - Phones - Communication

XI. The University Project: AR-VR-Internet & Entertainment - Accelerating the Educational Process

XII. California Cannabis Entertainment & Technology Forum

Speaker Selection: To Submit a speaker, please email your speaker submission indicating panel(s) of interest along with bio of your speaker, backgrounder of your company

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