May 23-25, 2017
The Skirball Center

The Creativity Festival at Digital Hollywood

Co-Sponsored by:

Nominees will Participate in Daytime Roundtables on May 25th

Winners will be Honored at the Evening Event, May 25th


The DigiFest at Digital Hollywood

Celebrating the Nominees and Winners!

Location: Herscher Hall, Guerin C

Presentations Begin: 12:00 Noon

12:00 PM – 1: 45 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin C

The Comedies

1. @GirlsIauditionwith - Created by Robin De Lano & Alexandra Case

2. The Charlie Show - Created by Charlie Gelbart

3. One Mime at a Time - Created by Mhairi Morrison & Holly Payberg

4. Hey You, It’s Me - Created by Suzanne Schmidt, Frankie Ingrassia, Kerith Lemon

5. Everybody Does it - Created by Megan Brotherton (content creator for

6. Matt & Dave are so Depressed - Created by David Zarif, Greg Hirsh, Matt Warren and Michael J Lambie

Nominee Bios and Session Information - Click Here


2: 00 PM – 3:45 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin C

Drama and Documentaries

1. THE RED PILL (documentary) - Created by Cassie Jaye

2. THE LIST (short) - Created by Amin Jay Rupani

3. SANVEAN (short) - Created by Elizabeth Yoder, Paul E Allan, Alina Patra, Jonathan Abrahams, Wolfgang Bodison, Ed Brotherton

4. SPARK (short) - Created by Juan Martinez Vera & Diego Nareja

5. DESCRY (short) - Created by David Michael Yohe, JENNA BLEECKER

Nominee Bios and Session Information - Click Here


4 PM – 5:00 PM, Herscher Hall, Guerin C

Scripted & Fiction

1. MY BFF (teaser) - Created by April Wright, Sarah Agor & Jennifer Jarrett

2. ONE HALLOWEEN (short) - Created by Rebecca Murga and Karen Kraft

3. Sweet Dream (short) - Created by Maya Cryor

4. FAUK MY LIFE (pilot) - Created by Stephanie Neroes, Rick Telles

Nominee Bios and Session Information - Click Here


5:00 PM - 6:00 PM - Taper Courtyard, in front of Haas Conference Center

Reception - The Meet and Greet


6:15 PM, Ahmanson Hall, Open to All Attendees

The Awards Celebration

1. NALIP Special Award

2. WIF Special Award

3. Hollyshorts Special Award

4. Digital Hollywood Special Award

5. “Best of” DigiFest 2017