Monday, October 1
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM
Session III:
Digital Rights Management - Business Models, Secure Streaming, Secure Subscriptions & Download, Secure Pay Per View Technology Solutions, Part I
Content is what the entertainment and media industry produce, and the viability of the industry’s future rests on its ability to manage its content and control its distribution while at the same time making it available to an ever larger customer base. And the Internet is at the crossroads of content distribution - from business to business transactions, to the unique massive challenge of business to consumer information that the entertainment and media industries produce and distribute every day. In this two-part session, we will try to understand the problems of content management and the needs of the respective sectors of the industry, explore case histories, understanding how some of the larger institutions have faced up to their problems, take a close look at some of the problem solving and management tools at our disposal.
Jeff Albertson, Product Manager, Media Systems Division, RealNetworks
speaker to be announced
Jim Long, President & CEO, Rioport
David Goodman, CEO, LockStream
Robert Fransdonk, Chief Technology Officer, Entriq, Inc.
Armistead Whitney, co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Sekani
Paul Martino, Senior Director Strategic Alliances, InterTrust Technologies
Larry Gussin, Rights Management Consultant, Moderator

Robert Fransdonk, Chief Technology Officer, Entriq: Robert is a visionary in the new media industry. His understanding of the future of digital asset value protection over large distributed networks, combined with a deep understanding of how new technologies will change the broadcast industry, make him a key player in helping define the future of the broadband space. Robert has a wealth of experience in the secure content field having been with Mindport Irdeto Access for over seven years. He was a central figure in Irdeto's transition from analog to digital, and master minded the M-Crypt product. Prior to his role at Entriq, he has held roles in development, customer service and systems engineering, before moving to Product Management within Irdeto Access. Robert is now applying his expertise to the protection of streaming media distributed over the Broadband Internet. "The dynamics of the Internet are changing the media landscape," says Robert, "but the rules remain the same: No pay, no see. We're here to design, develop and deploy the technology that will enforce those rules." Robert Fransdonk holds a Masters degree from the University of Amsterdam in Computer Science, where he graduated cum laude in 1993. In the same year, he started his pay media career by joining Mindport Irdeto Access, a world leader in Conditional Access technology for analog and digital networks.

Jeff Albertson is a Product Manager in the Media Systems Division at RealNetworks, where he focuses on the RealSystem Media Commerce Suite and technologies related to content protection, rights management, and security. Mr. Albertson joined RealNetworks in 1997 and served as Program Manager for two consumer products, Rolling Stone Radio and RealJukebox 1.0. He has been a liaison to the company's partners in the recording, consumer electronics, and digital rights management industries while also participating in the Secure Digital Music Initiative for over two years. Jeff is a graduate of Middlebury College and lives in Seattle.

Jim Long, President & CEO, Rioport: An inventor and "serial entrepreneur," RioPort president and CEO Jim Long brings with him many years of experience and success in building businesses in the high technology industry, as well as developing new technologies for the Internet and PC environments.  Before joining RioPort, Mr. Long was the CEO and Founder of Starlight Networks, which pioneered video streaming and video multicasting with award-winning Intranet video infrastructure software.  (In fact, Mr. Long actually coined the term "streaming video" and is known as the "father" of that industry.)  He later repositioned the company to provide Internet video communications products for Fortune-2000 businesses including Smith Barney, General Electric, Bloomberg, Viacom, Disney, MCI, NTT, Sharp, Jostens, Harvard, Peoplesoft, and Volkswagen. Starlight Networks was the leader in the corporate video streaming market when it was acquired by PictureTel in November 1998.  Later, he helped transition the business to PictureTel, by developing an application service provider (ASP) business strategy. Mr. Long has also worked with various venture capital firms and start-ups, such as helping lead the successful turn-around of Tolerant Systems to Veritas Software, a leader in the storage management software market. Mr. Long began his career as a software developer at Hewlett Packard, where he invented the first presentation graphics application.  He then worked as a venture manager for Fred Adler Venture Capital. Mr. Long holds an MBA from Harvard University and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Armistead Whitney, co-founder, Chief Strategy Officer: Sekani: Previously with Internet strategy and services firm iXL, Armistead Whitney launched and served as Senior Vice President of the Digital Video Group (DVG) in New York, a broadband production and streaming division serving Viacom, ABC, HBO, Fox and others. His responsibilities included merging traditional broadcasting applications and production with next-generation streaming and delivery technologies. During his tenure, DVG received a national Emmy for PBS' "Elmo's World." Prior to that, he served as Vice President of iXL's Film and Video Group, which won more than 35 awards under his management. Whitney's responsibilities included managing a full-service film and video production division for clients such as Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Visa, and J. Walter Thompson. He also served as Director of Operations for Creative Video, Inc. and founded iXL's Video Library, Inc.

Paul Martino, Senior Director Strategic Alliances, InterTrust Technologies: Mr. Martino joined InterTrust in 1999 and serves as the company’s senior director of strategic alliances. He is responsible for InterTrust’s Qualified Alliance Program, which provides compelling end-to-end digital rights management (DRM) solutions by combining technology from multiple hardware and software providers. Before joining InterTrust, Mr. Martino was the founder and CEO of Ahpah Software, a provider of software development and computer security products and services. There he managed the release of SourceAgain, the world's leading de-compiler for Java class files. Prior to forming Ahpah Software, he was with Gimpel Software for seven years, serving as an architect of the PC-Lint and FlexeLint products. Mr. Martino is the primary author of “Microsoft GifAnimator v1.0.” He earned his BS in mathematics from Lehigh University and his masters from Princeton University in computer science.