Wednesday, October 22nd

"My Brother's Keeper's Mentors Program"

1:00 PM – 2:15 PM   – Salon I

Bridging the Gap: Digital Media Monetization for Creators

The goal is for content creators to be able to better monetize their existing content in the Digital Universe.  The second goal is for them to understand what to shoot in the future for better content monetization.  Finally, a creator has the ability develop a relationship with his or her audience so that their favorite content can be created, monitored, and perhaps even manipulated depending upon the audience and the data provided.

Discussion Hosted By:

Terrence Coles, Head of Ad Products, Victorious, Inc.

Jon Katzman, Executive Director, “Semester in LA” Program for Columbia College Chicago

Richard Gant, Actor, Producer, Director

Keone Chong, Founder, Culture Architect, Modus Studium

Tommy Alastra, TAP INC | 13th SIGN PICTURES, LLC | distribulous, LLC

Special Event

"My Brother's Keeper Mentors Program"

In Coordination with the White House initiative "My Brother's Keeper" Program

Sponsored by:

Columbia College Chicago

2:45 PM – 4 PM

Dakar Media Academy Launches Mentorship Initiative for Compton Unified Schools #smwcomptonmentors,  #dakarmediaacademy,  #MentoringWorks, #Mentor

Dakar Media Academy (DMA), a technology and entertainment focused organization has partnered with the Compton Unified School District (CUSD), technology and entertainment industry professionals, and organizations to create a curriculum that will prepare students from CUSD for careers in communication and entertainment. The goal is to create a curriculum that will secure career placement in: Film and TV Broadcast Production, Audio Engineering, Marketing Communications, Music publishing and Distribution, and Transmedia. We meet weekly and are committed to making sure that no only potential employers and members of industry are present but that parents, city officials and other members of the community are involved.  We are seeking Technology and Media Partners and Professionals to Mentor for our program. This includes but is not limited to the following: Content and Digital Media Production - Camera, Audio, Editing, Streaming, Technical Distribution, Digital and Social Media Marketing, The Business of Production & Creative Students from the Compton High School - DAKAR Media Academy will be on-hand producing video capture and streaming of the event

Discussion Hosted By: Richard Gant - Actor, Producer, Activist, Mentor


Jay Tucker, Chief Marketing Officer & Head of Programs, Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM)

USC School Of Business, tba

Mentor Representative from Revolt TV

Robert (Leo) Rodgers, Sr. VP & Label Liaison, Bungalo Records/UMGD

Jerry Sherk, – Group Mentoring Expert and Consultant to DAKAR Media Academy Corporation for National and Community Service

Special Guest via Skype

Representative from the White House Office of Engagement

Ryan Whetstone, Compton Unified School District, Director - ROP, CTE & Adult Ed Programs

Juan Reynoso, Compton High School, ROP/CTE Teacher

Roger Alcosar, Station Manager, CUSD/Channel 26

Kevin Clark, Dakar Foundation for the Performing Arts