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Digital Hollywood New York City, November 15-16, 2012
McGraw-Hill Building, 49th Street and 6th Ave., New York City
Friday, November 16, 2012
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM
Session B:
The Gallery
Inventing TV 2.0 - Hybrid TV, Connected TV, Tablet & Smartphone Downloadable Consumer Experience
Josh Stutt, Director of Marketing, Newvue
Yoav Schreiber, Manager, Service Provider Video, Cisco
Stefan Maris, Media Interaction/ACR expert, Civolution
Stephen White, President, Gracenote
Tim Dodd, Vice President & General Manager, Neustar Media
James Field, Director of Technology, NDS, division of Cisco
Sam Vasisht, Chief Marketing Officer, Veveo
David Leibowitz, Managing Partner, CH Potomac, Moderator

James Field
is Director of Technology, New Initiatives at NDS, now part of Cisco, where he is responsible for business development and communication for the global New Initiatives Research & Development team. In this role, James also leads the company's partner program with Silicon Valley-based technology companies in pursuit of new technology developments, and is instrumental in delivering convergent solutions for NDS customers worldwide. In addition to this role, Field is also responsible for devising and implementing a Green House Gas reduction initiative program from both a products and facilities perspective for NDS worldwide. James has been with NDS for over thirteen years, and brings a particular focus to rich media services for embedded devices, their future and the server side technologies that drive them. Most recently, he served as Director of Solutions for NDS' Asia Pacific region, and as a secondment Chief Operating Officer in the Beijing office, where he managed the specification and delivery of interactive and Digital TV solutions for the surrounding areas. Prior to joining NDS, James worked at STAR TV as a Technical Engineering Manager. In this role, he worked closely with local satellite and cable redistributors, and coordinated the operation set-up and support of direct-to-home (DTH) satellite networks in Indonesia and India, including Indovision Digital Installation Company, Asia's first digital DTH broadcaster. James spent his early career working as an engineer at Pan Asian Systems, Atlas Wireline Service and Marconi Defense Systems. James earned his bachelor's and master's degrees in electrical and electronic engineering, both from the University of Bath. He has also attended Cranfield University's School of Management and served in the Corps of Royal Engineers in the British Army as a 2nd Lieutenant.

Yoav Schreiber, Marketing Manager, Service Provider Video Solutions, Cisco: As Video Solutions Marketing Manager, Yoav Schreiber is responsible for driving thought leadership and positioning for Cisco's end-to-end Videoscape solution. Before joining Cisco, Yoav was Senior Analyst for Digital Media Infrastructure at Current Analysis, where he built the company's video networking market and competitive intelligence service and helped clients advance their competitive positioning in areas such as multi-screen video delivery, content delivery networks, and advanced advertising. Yoav has been a speaker and moderator at Digital Hollywood, IPTV World Forum, NAB, NCTA, and Telco TV, as well as contributor to publications such as FierceCable. Previously, Yoav worked at the Corporate Executive Board (EXBD) and at the Precursor Group. Yoav received his Bachelor's Degree from Tufts University, and has a Master's Degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago. He lives in Washington, DC with his wife and 2 children, but without a TV in his home.

Sam Vasisht, Chief Marketing Officer, Veveo: Sam is a hi-tech product and marketing executive, with more than 15 years of experience leading marketing and product management for businesses and organizations at Motorola, Bose, Real Networks, On2 Technologies (Google), and various startups. Sam has deep expertise in the digital media industry and brings broad background of cable, Internet and wireless media to Veveo. During the course of his career, Sam has developed and launched various industry-first products for emerging industry categories. At Motorola, Sam launched the industry's first DOCSIS certified residential gateway and wireless digital audio receiver. At Real Networks, Sam launched an early TV Everywhere platform and one of the industry's first OTT video platforms. Before joining Veveo, Sam was president of Boston based marketing advisory firm, 21TechMedia LLC, for venture backed digital media technology companies. During the five years with 21TechMedia, he helped numerous venture backed digital media technology startups with market entry, growth, turnarounds, and exits. Prior to 21TechMedia, Sam was VP of Marketing at On2 Technologies, where he built the marketing function and positioned the company for its subsequent acquisition by Google.

Josh Stutt, Director of Marketing, Newvue, a leading provider of channel development for content
owners looking to distribute their creations on various IPTV/OTT platforms and web enabled devices. He spends most of his day refilling his coffee and playing with various media streaming toys. His greatest career achievement was being able to set up a PS3 in the conference room as a justifiable workday activity. Mr. Stutt is a proud proponent of IPTV and OTT services delivering the future of video entertainment consumption. It is his belief that consumers need to be able to watch what they want, when they want, on whatever screen they want, and the content owners, service providers, and device makers that provide them this ability will be the ones that succeed in the new ecosystem. He joined the Newvue team because he recognized their ability to marry high quality content discovery and delivery with multiple monetization methods and the technological know-how to build for almost any IPTV/OTT platform on the planet. When not touting the abilities of Newvue to anyone within a virtual earshot Mr. Stutt can commonly be found obsessing over his fantasy football team, “forgetting” his phone when he goes on vacation, or listening to his new favorite beat maker. 

Yoav Schreiber, Manager, Service Provider Video, Cisco: Yoav Schreiber has more than 12 years
experience in technology, strategy, marketing and investment analysis. As Video Solutions Marketing Manager, he is responsible for driving thought leadership and positioning for Cisco’s end-to-end Videoscape solution. Before joining Cisco’s Service Provider Video Solutions Marketing, Yoav was Senior Analyst for Digital Media Infrastructure at Current Analysis, where he built the company’s video networking market and competitive intelligence service, leading efforts to help clients advance their competitive positioning in areas such as multi-screen video delivery, content delivery networks, video processing, and advanced advertising. Yoav has been a speaker and moderator at the IPTV World Forum, NAB, and Telco TV, as well as contributor to publications such as FierceCable. Previously, Yoav worked at the Corporate Executive Board (EXBD), helping Fortune 1000 data center managers improve their operations and efficiency by leveraging industry best practices, and at the Precursor Group, where he provided investment research and advice to institutional investors in the enterprise software market. Yoav received his Bachelor’s Degree from Tufts University, and has a Master’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Chicago.

Stephen White, President, Gracenote: Since joining Gracenote more than a decade ago, White
has played a critical role in growing the company from a small start-up, focusing on music technologies and information, into a digital entertainment leader that now touches millions of music and movie fans around the globe. In his role as president, White oversees all company strategy and operations, and is responsible for growing Gracenote’s core business. White most recently served as senior vice president of product and content management, where he spearheaded the development of Gracenote technologies for top entertainment platforms and brands, including Apple iTunes, Ford Sync and Sony’s BRAVIA® HDTVs. In addition to heading up the product and content teams at Gracenote, White also spent more than five years leading the company’s sales and business development efforts. Before joining Gracenote, White was the vice president of development for streaming music start-up, which was one of the first companies to combine group content streaming and community features. Prior to, White was a senior director and executive producer for CKS, a media consultancy based in Silicon Valley. He began his career as a reporter and writer.

Timothy Dodd, Vice President and General Manager, Neustar Media: has a long career at the
forefront of managing digital content for both studios and distribution networks. Formerly a Vice President of Corporate Business Development and Strategy with Warner Bros., Dodd managed digital distribution and digital rights management issues and cross-industry alliances for the studio. Formerly, Dodd was Group Vice President, Technology Policy at Time Warner Cable and managed digital policy and strategy on behalf of the company, working highly collaboratively with other major cable operators, programmers and networks. While at Warner Bros., Dodd was engaged in the formulation of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE). DECE is a multi-industry consortium that will provide consumers with innovative new ways to manage and enjoy their digital entertainment content across multiple devices, networks, services and retailers. DECE recently launched its consumer brand - “UltraViolet”. In his role at Neustar, Dodd leads the company’s media and entertainment business focused on creating interoperable solutions for digital and mobile content delivery – an example of which is Neustar’s development of the UltraViolet Digital Rights Locker. Trained in law at both Duke University and the University of Canterbury School of Law (Christchurch), Dodd has practiced as an attorney both in the United States and New Zealand. He is the head of Neustar’s operations located in Los Angeles.

David E. Leibowitz, Managing Partner of CH POTOMAC: a strategic services firm working with
companies at the intersection of entertainment, media and technology.  Among other activities, Mr. Leibowitz serves as Chairman of Sir Groovy (a music synchronization technology platform and licensing solution connecting TV Producers, Music Supervisors, Filmmakers and Advertising Executives to premium label music worldwide); as Executive Vice President of Gotuit Media (a leading provider of premium metadata based video discovery, advertising, personalization and monetization technologies to major program networks and sports leagues), and as Partner in The A&R Channel (a cable VOD service on Comcast available in over 17 million homes). In addition, as Managing Partner of CH Potomac, Mr. Leibowitz is a Senior Advisor to Motorola, National Datacast (a commercial subsidiary of PBS), and Musicane, among others. In recent years, Mr. Leibowitz served as Chairman of Ezmo (an independent online social music subsidiary of FAST Search and Transfer – since acquired by Microsoft) and as an advisor to BMI, Gibson Guitar, Haystack Media, Peppercoin and others in the content and technology industries. Mr. Leibowitz also is a co-founder of VERANCE, the preeminent audio watermark technology provider employed by the content industries to protect, manage, and monitor audio and audiovisual content, including Blu-Ray formatted motion pictures, and served as its Chairman and Co-CEO. Earlier in his career; Mr. Leibowitz served as: Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), responsible for business, policy, legal and standards setting issues facing the industry with particular emphasis on how to position the industry to best utilize new physical formats and electronic delivery platforms; a partner in the Washington, D.C., law firm Wiley & Rein, representing a number of Fortune 100 media and entertainment companies, television personalities, a major league professional baseball team; and media and CE trade associations; as Policy Planning Advisor to the Register of Copyrights; and as an adjunct Professor of Law at the University of Miami Law School, and at the Communications Law Institute of the Columbus School of Law (Catholic University).