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Digital Hollywood New York City, November 15-16, 2012
McGraw-Hill Building, 49th Street and 6th Ave., New York City
Friday, November 16, 2012
3:50 PM - 5:00 PM
Session B:
The Gallery
The Apps -
The Smartphone and Tablet -
Entertainment, News, Music, Games, Location-Based, Communication and Community
Scott Chambers, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Media Distribution, Sesame Workshop
Jabari Simmons, Director of User Experience, Arnoldnyc
Yale Cohen, Vice President, Activation, Zenith
Evan Vogel, co-founders,
Jeremy Black, Director of Consumer & Media, Xtreme Labs
Lon Otremba, CEO, Tylted
Kerri Smith, Director of Mobility, iProspect
Bob Holmes, CEO, Sudden Industries, Moderator

Yale Cohen, Vice President, Activation, Zenith: Yale Cohen serves as Vice President of Activation at Zenith, a full service advertising agency where he focuses on mobile, video, social, display and magazine ad buying solutions across all clients. He leads Zenith's mobile task force, focused on driving education and adoption on across the agency and its clients. As Zenith's liaison to Vivaki, he works with the company's sister agencies to lead corporate negotiations across digital video and display. A gradate of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale has worked across clients including JP Morgan Chase, Johnson & Johnson, Masterfoods, Zipcar, among others throughout his 10-year digital advertising career.

Evan Vogel is co-founder of and Night Agency- an award winning digital creative agency named to Advertising Age magazine’s coveted “Hottest Digital Independent Interactive” list in 2007. Since graduating from Syracuse University, Evan has enjoyed spectacular success over the course of his career having worked with numerous iconic brands including Heineken, Lucky Brand Jeans and Yahoo Hot Jobs to name a few. He helped build Night Agency into a global creative and strategic services agency and sits on the board with the agency’s pro-bono non-for-profit client, Keep A Child Alive. With a passion for social ideas that enable people to easily communicate and start-up experience under his belt after helping Night Agency to grow into one of the most respected digital agencies in the world, Evan set out with his partners to create He believes has the power to change the way people communicate through the use of creative expression.

Scott Chambers, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Media Distribution, Sesame Workshop:
the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street. He is responsible for supervising all aspects of the digital, traditional, and mobile media businesses worldwide, including publishing, interactive, television, home video and audio. Chambers joined Sesame Workshop in 2002 as Vice President and General Manager of Publishing. He was promoted in 2007 to Vice President of Publishing, Home Video, and Audio.  Prior to joining the Workshop, Chambers worked with Disney Publishing, where he served as North American Licensing Director. In his five years at Disney, he oversaw mass and trade book retail channels for the children’s book licensing program, as well as managed the continuity series and electronic/interactive book lines. Prior to that, he spent six years at FAO Schwarz rising to the position of Senior Buyer. Chambers, who resides in Manhattan, earned a Bachelor of Arts in English from Tulane University.

Jeremy Black, Director of Consumer & Media, Xtreme Labs: Jeremy is
a mobile product strategist, who helps media and consumer properties develop opportunities in mobile. Prior to Xtreme Labs, Jeremy worked in the music and live entertainment industries doing everything from founding and growing a success- ful startup, to building the sales organization for a newly acquired business unit. In his spare time he sits on the board of the Sled Island Arts Fellowship in Calgary, watches too much baseball, and is always ready to talk about Canadian politics. Jeremy has a bachelor degree in economics from York University.

Jabari Simmons, Director of User Experience, Arnoldnyc: Jabari will lead development and inte
gration of strategic and holistic digital experiences into all client initiatives, as well as responsibility for executing the structure and user experience of client projects by merging various disciplines, such as UI Design, Development, Usability, Strategy, Systems Integration, and Information Science. Working closely with clients,Jabari will also be responsible for translating business rules and practices into functional requirements for large, media-rich, web-based projects, andexecuting the vision through which the front-end interacts with underlying systems. Additional responsibilities include authoring and overseeing documentation that serves as a blueprint for site development, managing content, and leading project teams. Before joining Arnoldnyc, Jabari served as Senior Information Architect for leading interactive agency Atmosphere Proximity where was responsible for all user experiences deployed by the agency and was a key player in defining best-in-class user experience solutions for clients, which included the lead on “social-by-design” UX concepts for Citi, Visa, Emirates and Alcoa, among others. Jabari has spent time as an independent consultant, as well as received recognition for several projects by both John Caples International, which honors the best in direct and interactive marketing around the world, and Pixel Awards for cutting-edge website and app design. He received his Master’s in Human-Computer Interaction from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Kerri Smith, Director of Mobility, iProspect: Kerri leads product development and strategy for the company's mobile services. She joined iProspect in 2008 working in client services and applying her previous mobile expertise. On the account side, Kerri led innovative campaigns, utilizing her experience in forward-thinking integrated media and search for clients such as Wells Fargo and Gap, Inc. to help the marketers succeed in an ever-changing marketing landscape. She has led many industry webcasts for SMN and appeared on the Mobile Search Ads panel for SMX: East in 2010. Previously Smith worked at Range Online Media. Prior to that she had a rewarding career managing mobile marketing campaigns for Mango Mobile, working in the television production business with The Daily Buzz, and working on local marketing programs for IBM. Smith graduated Cum Laude from the University of Central Florida prior to beginning her marketing and mobile-focused career.

Bob Holmes, CEO, Sudden Industries: If you looked at Bob’s resume, you’d think he planned this a
ll from the beginning: from art school to recording artist to record producer to running a production company that became a marketing company and then a digital agency. Sounds logical now, but you try living through it. Nevertheless, this path has ended up providing Bob with a lot of experience in creative technologies, from music videos (remember them?), to Enhanced CDs (how about them?), broadband and mobile phones. In each case, he has dedicated himself to creating the most engaging user experiences that have actually had impact on both audience and sales. He’s won a few awards along the way as well, but he’s more likely to tell you about his cowboy toy collection, which is a lot more fun anyway. He founded Sudden Industries over 15 years ago as an offshoot of his successful music and television production company. How he made the journey from a recording artist to record producer to starting one of the first digital agencies servicing the entertainment and media business is an interesting one, but too long and complicated to include here. Call him up and ask, it’s a good story and he loves to tell it. What we will say is that Sudden, located in New York City, has dedicated itself from the beginning to creating engaging user experiences across a number of digital platforms, including web and broadband (remember when they meant two different things?), ITV, IPTV, mobile and kiosks. We’ve more than satisfied a great roster of clients including Nickelodeon, Barnes & Noble, Poptropica, Penny/Dell,, the American Legion, and Sparknotes by providing them with the breadth of services usually found at larger agencies, while delivering them with the personal attention of smaller boutique shops.

Lon Otremba, CEO, Tylted: Lon signed on as CEO of Tylted with a vision of fusing the best of gaming, social networking, and the mobile web. True to that vision, Tylted’s games have grown into communities where millions gather and connect on their mobile devices-in all, Tylted attracts more than 10 million unique visitors, and more than half a billion page views, each month. As Tylted evolves and thrives, Lon aims to revolutionize the way people experience social gaming. Before joining Tylted, Lon served as Chairman and CEO of Access 360 Media, expanding its digital TV network to stadiums and entertainment venues worldwide. Prior to Access 360, he served as CEO of Muzak, guiding the company’s transformation into the world’s largest provider of commercial music services. He also served as Executive Vice President of AOL’s Interactive Marketing Group, shaping the media giant’s online advertising strategies. Lon also helped to launch and lead two online ventures that are flourishing today: and the CNET Networks. He is a frequent commentator on interactive marketing and operating strategies.