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Digital Hollywood, October 18-21, 2010
Thursday, October 21st
Strategic Investigation - Drill Down Day
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
Track IV:
ViDeo-29, AdvUp-30, H2.0-17
Monetizing Original Media: Broadband, Viral, Episodic Programming, Content & Advertising
Jason Peterson, founder and president, GoDigital
Burnes Hollyman, President and & CEO, the digital entertainment alliance
Nathan Anderson, Managing Director, Envelop Entertainment (Australia)
Joe Ferreira, SVP network and Studio Liaison, CBS Interactive
Christopher Kubasik, Creator, The Booth
Todd Green, digital media guru, former head, mPRm digital
Robin Rowe, Managing Editor, Hollywood Today, Moderator

Jason Peterson, President, GoDigital Media Group: GoDigital, based in Santa Monica, provides full service solutions for content distribution and marketing. The company has four operational areas: (i) digital music monetization, (ii) digital movie & TV monetization, (iii) digital marketing services, and (iv) supply chain management systems & services. GoDigital represents over 900,000 music copyrights, including content from famous artists such as The Temptations, James Brown, and Akon as well as over 15,000 hours of movie & TV programming with programs such as Instant Star, Lexx, and Lunar Jim. Jason also owns Symbolic Entertainment, a music video and commercial production company based in Santa Monica. Under Jason’s stewardship for the past 9 years Symbolic has grown to become a respected boutique with cutting edge directors and consistent clientele at all the major record labels. Jason has produced music videos for Sony BMG, EMI, Universal, Warner Bros, Epitaph, and No Limit Records among others. Symbolic’s clientele includes Master P, Lil’ Romeo, Ashley Tisdale, T.I., Obie Trice, Switchfoot, TobyMac, Chris Tomlin, Belinda, and Death Cab for Cutie. Symbolic’s commercial credits include spots for InBev S.A.’s Becks Beer, Verizon DSL, and Nike’s “Ole” campaign. In addition to videos and commercials, Jason has been involved in the production of seven feature films and nine television pilots. Jason remains the youngest producer to ever have produced a feature film in competition at the Sundance Film Festival (“The Beat”, Sundance 2003). The foundation for his work is a J.D. from Pepperdine University Law School and a business degree with an emphasis in Cinema / Television from the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business.

Nathan Anderson, Managing Director, Envelop Entertainment (Australia): After graduating from the University of Canberra in 1995 with a Bachelor in Arts Communication, Nathan worked in Film and TV in various production capacities. Features such as Paradise Road and The Matrix as well as TV series Heartbreak High and Baywatch Downunder. However as the turn of the century approached, Nathan moved over to new media and the internet. The company he co-founded in 1999 (at the age of 25) was a dotcom ad-supported content business which raised Venture Capital and grew to staff of 20 with revenues exceeding $3m in the second year of operation. As the market conditions changed in 2001, Nathan transitioned the business into application development and moved to a software services model, developing a global client base and business that is still in operation today ( Since this time Nathan has qualified his early experience in new media through positions at leading advertising agencies (TEQUILA\ London and The Campaign Palace) and media companies (FOXTEL and Disney) as an executive producer in charge of digital services and content. In 2008, Nathan completed a Graduate Certificate in Business Administration at the Australian Film Television & Radio School (AFTRS), Centre for Screen Business and has since returned to study a Masters by Research due for completion in 2010 looking into the nature of interactive narrative. Finally he has returned to both his entrepreneur roots and Film / TV background with Envelop Entertainment (, a new business which aims to exploit the opportunities of Multiplatform / ‘Transmedia’ storytelling in entertainment media.Named in the ‘top 5 - up and coming producers’ in 2009 in Australia, Nathan also teaches Transmedia studies at AFTRS and MetroScreen and is a regular speaker at industry conferences.

Robin Rowe, Managing Editor, Hollywood Today: Robin Rowe started his career as an NBC-TV technical director of broadcast news. From there he went to NBC WMAQ-TV Chicago where he built the most robotic TV studios in the world. After many years as a software developer and corporate trainer, he was invited to join the University of Washington as a C++ instructor. Next, Rowe became an employee of the navy as a professor and research scientist at the Naval Postgraduate School. That led to becoming chief technologist and enterprise manager at a Fortune 500 defense company. While there he created a video editing system sold into more than 100 TV stations. He also sailed on an aircraft carrier to test at sea monitoring systems he'd developed for military analysts. Rowe founded in 1999. For the last ten years he's provided technology and management services to companies such as DreamWorks and the BBC. He speaks as a technology expert at conferences in the U.S. and abroad. He writes for many publications.

Burnes Hollyman, President and & CEO, the digital entertainment alliance: Burnes founded the the digital entertainment alliance, a think-tank focused on the trans-media digital entertainment, based in Austin, Texas with offices in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles and helps guide many Fortune 500 media and entertainment companies’ senior executive teams and startups in the digital entertainment and new media space to find new opportunities, build new products and services, align with new partners as well as deliver new offerings to the marketplace. Burnes started in the entertainment industry as a child actor in the epic Peter Brook film, “Lord of the Flies” in the role of ‘Douglas.’ He was Vice President of the Emerging Technologies Group at DMR and a founder and Managing Director of the Alliance for Converging Technologies, a think-tank on convergence from which the content was developed for his business partner Don Tapscott’s best selling books, Paradigm Shift, The Digital Economy, and Digital Capital. Burnes was Vice President in charge of the Worldwide New Media practice at the now-legendary Renaissance Strategy and was Senior Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Services, which he started, built and ran, at Documentum, now an EMC company. He received his B.A. from NYU in new media. After completing his masters degree and doctoral work (ABD) at the University of Texas, Austin in the Department of Radio, Television in new media and innovation, he entered the corporate world where he had a number of jobs managing new media and software companies worldwide as a president and general manager. Today, while running the digital entertainment alliance, he teaches a course at the University of Texas, Austin in the Department of Radio, Television called “Building Trans-Media Digital Entertainment Franchises” and as a new book coming out, titled Building Trans-Media Digital Entertainment Franchises.