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Building Blocks 2008
Tuesday, August 5th
10:45 AM - Noon
Track II:
The Mobile 2.0 -Personalized Platform
Mobile Video and Personalized Communication: The Establishment of a Personalized Entertainment Platform: Content & Commerce
To fully appreciate and understand the parameters and momentum behind the move to broadband and video on mobile platforms, it is critical to have a grasp of the technology and the devices which drive the system and define how the consumer will be able to experience mobile video, film and TV. In this session, we bring together a group of knowledgeable executives in the mobile technology, content and advertising space, all members of companies who are playing a formative role in the evolution of the mobile broadband universe. The explosion of content on mobile is simply a reflection of how great the enabling technologies and the networks are and there is no question that with the advancements being made on all fronts, the ability for the consumer to appreciate and experience high quality mobile is not in question.
Rick Bolander, Managing Director and founder, Gabriel Venture Partners
Bill Stone, CEO, Handango
Dave Ullmer, Senior Director, Entertainment Products, Motorola
Nicholas de Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer – Group Technology Marketing, Thomson Technology LLC
Frank Barbieri, CEO and founder, Transpera
Terry Hsiao, Founder, HookMobile
Rob Greenlee | Zune Podcast & Video Editor - Entertainment Marketing, Microsoft
Sharon Wienbar, Managing Director, Scale Venture Partners, Moderator

Rick Bolander, Managing Director and founder, Gabriel Venture Partners: A champion of entrepreneurs, Rick is passionate about working with the smartest people to build the best technology-driven businesses, and has been involved in over 50 venture deals in his career. As founder of Gabriel Venture Partners, an early-stage venture capital firm, he has actively worked with entrepreneurs to build successful market-leading technology companies such as AccessLine Communications, Concord Communications, IPWireless and Tut Systems. He has led over $100 million in early-stage financings in the areas of mobile, digital media and Internet. Rick’s current mobile investments include Tapatap, a leading mobile entertainment community, and Kajeet, the leading mobile operator for the young “tween” market.

Nicholas de Wolff, Chief Marketing Officer – Group Technology Marketing, Thomson Technology LLC: Oversee strategic and tactical aspects of Marketing and Communications for the Group’s technology market position. In addition to conventional Sr. VP Marketing and Communications duties, responsible for marketing strategies, activities and budgets of all business units within the Licensing, Research, and Innovation parameters of the Group, and developing mid-term and longer term marketing strategies for said business units, in collaboration with business leadership. Reporting to Group CTO, position is responsible for reviewing (and, where necessary, revising) marketing plans and actions, in order to ensure greatest possible degree of efficiency, and effectiveness, with respect to the Group’s identity as a “technology company”. Responsible for evaluating Group wide Marketing infrastructure, and recommending a proposal for change, in keeping with the evolution of the company’s business plan. Craft and oversee all Group messaging and positioning relating to innovation and research.

Bill Stone, Chief Executive Officer, Handango: Mr. Stone was appointed chief exe
cutive officer of Handango in November 2007. He was recruited to help aggressively drive Handango to the next level by leveraging his extensive wireless experience in the mobile content arena. Having spent his entire 16-year career in the wireless industry, Mr. Stone brings a deep understanding of content and the global wireless ecosystem. Before joining Handango, Mr. Stone was the president of Amp’d Mobile. Responsible for the strategy, planning, and day-to-day operations of the mobile entertainment company, Mr. Stone helped deliver industry- leading mobile content revenue metrics, as well as numerous “firsts” in the mobile entertainment industry, including the launch of pay-as-you-go on 3G network, the development of Original Music and Video Series for mobile, and live event simulcasts to mobile. Prior to Amp’d, Mr. Stone was a vice president at Verizon Wireless, where he was responsible for strategy, planning, mobile content, music, e-commerce, and a variety of marketing functions including CRM, segmentation, pricing, and promotion. Before Verizon, Mr. Stone was the chief marketing officer for Vodafone Australia where he oversaw all marketing activities including branding, pricing, product, promotion and distribution. Mr. Stone also served as chief marketing officer of J-Phone Tokyo (currently Softbank Mobile), where he helped launch the first SMS, web browsing, ringtone, picture messaging and color devices in Japan. As product development director at AirTouch Cellular, Mr. Stone led the efforts in launching the first CDMA technology and pre-pay offering in the United States. Mr. Stone holds a bachelor's degree in economics and political science and an MBA in international management and finance, both from Rice University. Bill and his wife, Audrey, have three children, Will, Andrea, and Alexandra.

Dave Ullmer, Senior Director, Entertainment Products, Motorola: Dave leads Motorola's Digital Media Services marketing and is responsible for bringing new music, video and entertainment services to Motorola's customers worldwide. Dave is committed to facilitating and growing cooperation amongst the diverse stakeholders to expand the market opportunities for all of its valued stakeholders. Through his past roles as a founding member of SDMI and as a board member of OSTA (Optical Storage Technology Association), Dave has encouraged the acceptance of common standards and consumer awareness.

Terry Hsiao, Founder, HookMobile: Hsiao, a well-recognized entrepreneur, brings extensive expertise and experiences in the wireless industry to the company. Prior to founding HookMobile he was COO and GM International at Way Systems, having brought the company from pre-revenue to more than $10M. Earlier Terry founded InphoMatch (now Sybase 365) the pioneer in mobile messaging with annual revenue of $100M. Hsiao has worked either in or with mobile carriers throughout his career including 6+ years at Nextel from 1993-2000. Prior to founding InphoMatch, Terry managed the founding and operations of Nextel Partners (since acquired by Sprint) wireless venture from the business plan, raising capital, development of operating structures, to IPO all in approximately 18 months. At MIT's Sloan School of Management he concentrated on growth strategy and entrepreneurship. Terry also holds a BSEE with Honors from Rutgers University.

Frank Barbieri, CEO, Transpera: Frank Barbieri founded Transpera with the vision
of helping normal people enjoy new kinds of mobile video experiences. Frank recently ran media products at InfoSpace and also ran the Windows Mobile Media Device and Services group at Microsoft. Frank also held a senior position at Onvia, a company he helped take public, and MSNBC where he drove the online video distribution business and interactive content division. He has most recently worked in the private equity industry doing mobile and entertainment strategy and portfolio company support. Frank started his career as a photojournalist documenting the plight of refugees globally.

Rob Greenlee | Zune Podcast & Video Editor - Entertainment Marketing, Microsoft: Rob Greenlee, Podcast & Video Programming Lead Editor for Microsoft’s Zune. He was recently a former Sr. Marketing Manager for Mobilcast Content Programming with Seattle-based Melodeo. Melodeo is the maker of the Nutsie mobile music service and Mobilcast software platform that enables streams and downloads of podcasts to mobile phones at AT&T, Alltel, 3UK and Rogers ( Rob is a long-time host, producer and founder of the 8 year-old online radio program WebTalk Radio. WebTalk was a nationally syndicated terrestrial broadcast radio show on 15 radio stations, XM and CNET Radio. WebTalk Radio was also the first broadcast radio program in the world to begin podcasting.

Sharon Wienbar, Scale Venture Partners: Sharon invests in mobile, internet, and enterprise software companies at Scale Venture Partners, which she joined in 2001. Sharon sits on the boards of Bellamax, Biz360, Facetime Communications, Glu Mobile, Merchant Circle, PlayPhone and Prior to Scale VP, Sharon spent 15 years at Critical Path, Amplitude Software, Adobe Systems and Bain & Company. Among her varied responsibilities, she directed marketing strategies and operations, integrated product and service businesses following acquisitions, managed the application of technology to Pacific Rim and European markets, and negotiated complex intellectual property licenses. Sharon holds a BA and MA in Engineering from Harvard University, and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Sharon also serves on the board of the non-profit Myelin Repair Foundation.