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Digital Hollywood
Monday, October 29th
2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
Track III:
User Generated Media & Social Networks
UGM, Social Networks and Traditional Media: Strategies in Content, Communications and Commerce, Part II
Dmitry Shapiro, CEO, Veoh
Adrian Sexton, Executive Vice President, Digital, Participant Productions
Michael Jones, CEO, Userplane and VP, AOL
Gilles BianRosa, CEO, Azureus
Eric D. Alterman, Founder and Chairman, KickApps
Robert Tercek, founder and President, PeopleJam, Inc.
Jim Long, Venture Advisor, Gabriel Venture Partners, Moderator

Gilles BianRosa is the Chief Executive Officer of Azureus, Inc. As CEO, Gilles is driving the evolution of the company from the popular, award-winning peer-to-peer application to a distribution and exchange platform for “all things rich media”. Prior to Azureus, BianRosa worked for McKinsey & Company, where he led mission-critical initiatives related to product roadmaps and go-to-market strategies for venture-backed and “academy” technology companies including Microsoft, HP, BEA, and SAP. Prior to McKinsey, he was instrumental in the launch of Vivendi’s media and services Internet platform for health professionals. Additionally, he founded MileStone, a software company serving the retail industry. BianRosa holds an M.S. in Computer Science from EPITA School of Engineering in Paris, and an MBA from Harvard University.

Robert Tercek is the founder and President of digital media company PeopleJam, Inc. During his 20 year career, he has supervised the design and launch of content and programming services for every digital media platform. His achievements include the launch of the first satellite television programming service in Asia, the earliest multimedia games for personal computers, the first multiplayer online games, the first interactive television programs in North America, the first downloadable games for set top boxes in the UK, the world's first deployments of video in mobile networks, and several of the world's most innovative games for mobile phones. He is a veteran entrepreneur, serving in senior management at Mforma Group, PacketVideo, and 7th Level during periods of rapid growth. He also served in executive management roles at MTV: Music Television and Sony Pictures Entertainment. Mr Tercek is faculty member at University of Southern California School of Film-Television, a voting member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, and the founding chairman of the Game Developer Conference’s mobile symposium.

Adrian Sexton, Executive Vice President, Digital, Participant Productions: Adrian Sexton joined Participant Productions, as Executive Vice President in charge of Digital, in January, 2007. He will oversee the company's expansion into global media, the production of new programs and digital distribution. Sexton most recently consulted with Participant on the DVD release of the Academy Award ® nominated documentary “AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH,” Richard Linklater’s “FAST FOOD NATION” and “THE WORLD ACCORDING TO SESAME STREET.” Sexton comes to Participant from TAG Strategic, a digital media and entertainment agency he co-founded with EMI veteran and digital pioneer Ted Cohen. TAG’s diverse client roster has included Lionsgate, Eyespot, Qualcomm, Revver, Sandisk and LivePlanet. He continues his successful relationship with select TAG clients which are relevant to Participant’s strategic mandates. Before forming TAG, Sexton headed Digital Media at Lionsgate, where he oversaw the day-to-day operations, production, media planning and business development for digital and mobile properties. His duties encompassed theatrical, home entertainment, television, international and physical studios. He oversaw the digital campaigns for such movies as the Best Picture Academy Award ® -winning “CRASH,” Oscar ® -winning “MONSTER’S BALL,” as well as “FAHRENHEIT 9/11,” and the “MADEA’S FAMILY REUNION” and “SAW” franchises. A pioneer in the creation of studio blogs for emerging directors and audience participation, Sexton released the first MPAA-approved age-gates for online content, and negotiated an innovative digital cinema deal with BMW Films around Lionsgate titles “SHATTERED GLASS” and “THE COOLER.” Sexton identified multiple-platform marketing, distribution and sales opportunities for the studio’s 8000+ title film library in such high-growth markets as broadband, mobile, digital cinema, peer-to-peer and IPTV. Sexton also was part of the team which secured the $350 million credit facility involving the acquisition of Artisan Entertainment. A frequent media presenter, Sexton delivered the studio keynote at the Opening Forum of the 60th Anniversary of the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, as well as keynotes at the 2006 Intel Viiv announcement in Tokyo and 2006 Forrester conference in Brazil. He is also an Advisory Committee Member for non-profit Film Independent and its Los Angeles Film Festival. Additionally, he is on the Interactive Media Peer Group Awards Committee for the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and a new media council member of the Producers Guild of America. Prior to Lionsgate, Sexton was the New Media Director at Mediapact Capital, a media management and investment capital firm. His professional experience also includes work in television at Sony Pictures Entertainment with programs including “MAD ABOUT YOU,” “PARTY OF FIVE,” “THE KING OF QUEENS” and “DAWSON’S CREEK”; in production and development at HBO Pictures with "AND THE BAND PLAYED ON" and “THE LATE SHIFT”; and, at 20th Century Fox and Saban Entertainment. Sexton graduated with dual bachelor degrees in Government and English from Cornell University, and received his Masters from the University of Southern California as a Phi Kappa Phi fellow.

MICHAEL JONES, CEO of Userplane and VP, AOL: Michael Jones, CEO of Userplane and Vice President of AOL, oversees Userplane's business strategy, sales and operations. As a founder and CEO of Userplane, Jones' business leadership brought the company from startup to acquisition by AOL in August 2006. As a Vice President of AOL, he now focuses on the growth of AOL's syndicated application strategy, under the Userplane brand. This includes coordination with a variety of AOL subsidiaries and internal technologies to pioneer distribution to millions of web publishers as well as AOL's strategic positioning as a platform provider to the online community sector. Userplane now supports more than 50 million users in some 15 countries across 150,000 different web publishers, including top tier web properties like,, Red Bull, and Honda. Userplane has been recognized as a pioneer in the Web 2.0 movement, one of the inventors of the open widget distribution model, and among the largest users of Macromedia Flash and Flash Media Server as core, web-application technologies. In addition, Userplane has provided core infrastructure to MySpace since its launch, encompassing communication technologies and, for the first nine months of the MySpace Music, its music playback system. A serial entrepreneur, Jones founded Elixir Magazine in 1994, a nationally distributed pop-culture music and entertainment magazine. Subsequently Jones founded his first digital production studio PBJ Digital in 1996, during his junior year at the University of Oregon, which he sold in 2000 after growing the company to profitability. He has since launched numerous businesses and participates in fund raising, angel investing and as an advisory board member in various online startups. Jones frequently represents AOL and Userplane at conferences and in publications. He was the keynote speaker at the 2007 Online Dating and Social Networking conference, 2003 OFFF conference in Barcelona Spain, a featured presenter at Flash Forward 2003, BlogON 2004, iDate Miami 2004, SITRAS 2004, iDate Nice 2004, iDate Miami 2005, iDate Hong Kong 2005, iDate Miami 2005 and Digital Hollywood 2006. He has also been published in numerous Internet journals, including iMediaConnection. Jones earned his Bachelor of Arts in International Business and Marketing from the University of Oregon.

Jim Long, Venture Advisor, Gabriel Venture Partners: Jim Long is Gabriel's newest Venture Advisor. He brings with him many years of experience and success in building businesses in the high technology industry, as well as in developing new technologies and patents for the Internet and PC environments. Since 2003, Mr. Long has been an advisor for several start-ups such as Ruckus Wireless (WiFi video), Skipper Wireless (mesh nets & VoIP), Coghead (SaaS for the long tail), and Jibe Networks (acquired by Citrix). Previously, Mr. Long was the CEO of RioPort, a leading music application service provider (ASP) via its digital distribution infrastructure and MP3 player software. RioPort, powered,, Yahoo, HP, <>, and Microsoft; was the first Internet Company to license digital songs for resale from all five major record labels and enabled the first music cell-phones via a partnership with Nokia. Before joining RioPort, Mr. Long was the CEO and Founder of Starlight Networks. Starlight pioneered video streaming and video multicasting with award-winning Intranet video infrastructure software and coined the term, "streaming video". Mr. Long is known as the "father" of that industry. Starlight provided Internet video communications products for Fortune-2000 businesses including Smith Barney, General Electric, Bloomberg, Viacom, Disney, Harvard, and Peoplesoft. Starlight Networks was the leader in the corporate video streaming market when it was acquired by PictureTel in November 1998. Later, he helped transition the business to PictureTel by developing a SaaS business strategy. Mr. Long has also worked with various venture capital firms and start-ups. He was instrumental in the successful turn-around of Tolerant Systems to Veritas Software, a leader in the storage management software market. Mr. Long began his career in software development and product marketing at Hewlett Packard where he invented the first presentation graphics application. Later, he spent four years as a venture manager for Fred Adler Venture Capital. Mr. Long holds an MBA with Distinction from Harvard University and a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.

Dmitry Shapiro - Chief Executive Officer, Veoh: Dmitry started Veoh Networks in late 2004 with a short to-do list: Democratize. Open the business of television—once strictly a members-only deal—to a virtual community of indie broadcasters. Second, introduce them to their new, global audiences, hungry for a limitless world of compelling programming to fill every niche interest, and desire. As an accomplished engineer, he knew this was doable. As a creative soul, he knew it had to be done. Dmitry himself was one of those frustrated independent producers, shut out from participating in the TV game with his imaginative talk-show concept. (On "Hot Tub TV," politicians, celebrities and other newsmakers would all be in hot water—literally, working out global issues and swapping pop-culture dish. Think politically incorrect – in a hot tub). Before he imagined Veoh, Dmitry built Akonix Systems, one of the leading P2P network security companies with over 1.5 million deployed enterprise licenses in companies such as Viacom, Disney, Newscorp, and Cingular. Before that, Dmitry led the technology groups at CollegeClub, a 4 million member online college community and Fujitsu Telecommunications. During his youth in Atlanta, Dmitry learned English by watching lots of television, lost most of his Russian accent and gained a B.S. in electrical engineering degree from Georgia Tech. And if his name sounds oddly familiar, it’s probably from your setting up a free Veoh membership. Dmitry automatically requests to be your friend. Yes, that guy!