Wednesday, September 21
12:50 PM - 2:00 PM
Track III:
Personalized Video Media: ITV Advertising and Content
Within the world of the TV, the set-top, broadband and PVR experience, searching for content, making accessible the content and at the same time, offering an advertising and marketing experience is our challenge. Interactive television is finally finding a ready audience with an ever growing demand for better content and a better and more personalized experience. With the massive amount of content and technology being thrown at the consumer, navigating through that experience is not only difficult, it can be off-putting. The winners in this race have been the providers who have best personalized the TV, broadband, set-up experience. There is no going back to the old idea of a scrollable guide. We have entered the world of integrated video user interface – the post-TiVo generation of consumers and viewers.
Michael Raneri, Chief Marketing Officer, MeeVee
Mark Pascarella, President, Gotuit Media Corp.
Scott Ferris, SVP and General Manager, Atlas On Demand
Craig McDonald, Vice President, Sales and Business Development North America, Valista
Dalen Harrison, President and CEO, Ensequence
Allison Dollar, founder & co-President, Interactive Television Alliance, Moderator

Dalen Harrison, President and CEO, Ensequence: Dalen Harrison's vision and leadership have been the driving force behind the growth and success of Ensequence. Since co-founding the company in 2000, he has led the organization and its strategic direction. Harrison inspired the development on-Q™ software, the world's first truly cross-platform technology for interactive television. Prior to founding Ensequence, Harrison held a wide range of key positions during his tenure with Intel Corporation. He holds a master's in international management and finance, a bachelor's in math and economics and a bachelor's in computer science. As head of worldwide market development for Intel's Home Products Group, Harrison oversaw digital television marketing strategy and sales teams. He was the impetus behind the formation of Intel's Content Group and secured more than 50 content and technology contracts for Intel's Broadcast Products Group. Harrison played a key role in the launch of Intel's Intercast® Technology, the first interactive television software that was broadly available for the PC, which was supported by 12 national cable and broadcast networks, including NBC, CNN, MTV and QVC. In 1998, Harrison oversaw the formation of the Advanced Television Enhancement Forum (ATVEF), an alliance of leading companies dedicated to advancing interactivity, including Microsoft, DIRECTV, The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, CNN Interactive and Tribune.

Scott Ferris, SVP and general manager of Atlas On Demand: Scott Ferris brings more than 20 years of broadband, cable and direct marketing experience to the Atlas On Demand division of Atlas, an operating unit of aQuantive, Inc. (NASDAQ: AQNT). As head of the division, Ferris is responsible for incubating new business initiatives focused on the growth of digital cable television and On Demand media. For more than two decades Ferris has played a significant role in bringing hybrid fiber-coaxial networks and the "triple play" concept to market in the broadband industry. Ferris was part of the US WEST team that built the first digital broadband network in the U.K. with Comcast, Jones Cable and TCI (now known as Telewest) and later introduced it into the U.S. market. He was also involved in the deployment of Time Warner Cable’s ground-breaking Full Service Network iTV trial in Orlando, Fla. At MediaOne, Ferris created the MediaOne brand and developed the company’s broadband cable modem and digital video strategy. Prior to joining Atlas, he led Starbucks’ Direct Marketing business unit where he developed key online marketing initiatives. Scott was responsible for re-directing Starbucks’ Internet position from a pedestrian website to an integrated direct marketing catalog and e-commerce enterprise. Ferris is committee chair of the Data/Metrics for the Innovation in Digital Advertising (IDiA) Project and is an active member of the Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) On Demand Television Consortium.

Mark Pascarella is President of Gotuit Media Corp. He joined Gotuit in 2001 and assumed his position as president in December 2003. Under Pascarella’s direction, Gotuit has become the leading provider of navigation and indexing services for on-demand television. Before joining Gotuit Media as President, Pascarella teamed up with Sidney Topol, the former Chairman and CEO of Scientific-Atlanta (SFA), to found The Topol Group LLC, an early-stage investment firm. In addition to Gotuit, The Topol Group's investments include broadband router manufacturer RiverDelta Networks (Motorola), cable services provider Navic Networks, and the multimedia semiconductor company Lumic Technologies, where Pascarella served on the Board of Directors. From 1992 to 1997, Pascarella worked at Procter & Gamble, where he was Business Development Manager. He holds a BS in Management from Bucknell University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Craig McDonald, Vice President, North America, Valista: Craig McDonald is Vice President, Sales and Business Development North America at Valista with responsibility for North American operations. Prior to joining Valista, Craig was Senior Director Business Development with iPIN were he lead North American sales and business development efforts. Previously, he held senior management positions in the healthcare industry with Healthmark Group and Deleeuw Health where he acted as General Manager for European operations. Craig began his career with IBM as a Marketing Representative. Craig holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (Michigan State University, 1987).

Michael Raneri is the Chief Operations Officer at Meevee, where he is tasked with building its marketing strategy, as well as creating, managing and overseeing the company's roadmap for product development, the growth of traffic, and brand awareness of Meevee. Michael has more than 15 years of experience developing and delivering on long-term technology product strategies. Prior to joining Meevee, he was Senior Vice President of eCommerce for Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. He previously served as Assistant Vice President of eCommerce Marketing at Quick & Reilly, Inc. Michael received his bachelor's degree in economics and sociology from Fairfield University.

Allison Dollar is a founder and co-president of the Interactive Television Alliance, a non-profit trade association whose broad constituency is committed to accelerating iTV in the U.S. She is also a principal in 2degree Partners, a management consultancy focused on iTV, specializing in alliance packaging, cross-platform marketing and digital services integration. A longtime champion of ubiquitous interactivity, she co-founded eTV World, Hollyweb Live!, iNNOVATORS™ venture pitch series, and chaired NAB’s Executive Committee to launch Multimedia World. Clients have included IBM’s eBusiness (American Express, Bell Atlantic, Mail Boxes Etc.), AOL, SimplyTV, Web TV, WB, Creative Planet, Stan Lee Media, Vi[z]Rt (virtual sets), and Envivio (MPEG-4). For she was CSO and a founding board member (IPO as iBEAM Internet Broadcasting Corp). Previously, for Phillips Business Information she led business/content development with over 30 trade publications. Titles included Interactive Video News, Interactive Marketing News, Internet Week, CableFAX, Multimedia Week, E-Commerce News, Film & Video Magazine, A/V Video magazine, Via Satellite. While Editorial Director of In Motion she created sponsor packages with Sony, SGI, PacBell, Autodesk, AOL, HBO, Kodak and Sprint. These anticipated the impact of 3D visual effects, advertainment, DBS, broadband, VOD and wireless devices. She worked with Oscar-nominee documentarian Ross Spears, CBS News, the Maryland Film Commission. A founding board member of Maryland’s WIFV, she received ASAE’s Golden Circle award, held advisory board positions for CINE and the US Film&Video Festival. She holds a M.A. from the University of Virginia and Phi Beta Kappa B.A. from Goucher College in Baltimore, and has been interviewed by National Public Radio, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Hot Wired, Hollywood Reporter, Variety, BizTalk1, Millimeter, Digitrends, Broadcasting & Cable and other outlets. Her book on iTV, Interactive Television: Tracking and Preparing for an Emerging Market, was released in April 2003.